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The 2022 Paramount+ Holiday Collection lineup includes Snow Day, Mariah Carey and more

It’s the time to be happy. And what better way to put people in a good mood than with holiday entertainment? Outstanding+ has a premium holiday collection that offers plenty of choice for everyone.

Christmas only comes once a year. The traditions and memories created during the season make for a lifetime of nostalgia. These precious and cherished moments are like jewels passed down from generation to generation. Everything matters, from towering fir trees to gingerbread treats, icing cookies and twinkling lights. Everything has its place and everything has its place. For many, vacation television and movies are memory markers, time machines that take viewers back in time.


As you settle down on those chilly nights, picking a piece that will lift the spirits and serve as the perfect seasonal addition is a key focus. And there’s nothing like having everything you need in one place. Paramount+ premiered its Christmas collection on November 16 and has an extremely extensive collection. This year, Paramount will offer viewers nostalgic plays that will help audiences relive the magic of days gone by. Additional offerings include new content for viewers to add to their memory treasury. And whether it’s reality or escapism, rom-com or horror, drama or laughs, it’s on Paramount + this holiday season.

Classic movies and TV specials

Steve Martin and John Candy in Airplanes, Trains and Cars
Paramount Pictures

Classics are timeless. These pieces reawaken something in us, ignite passions, restore faith or ignite the imagination. Each watch is like opening a precious gift over and over again. Suppose, then, that sentimentality and trips into the past evoke hilarity. In this case, Peacock offers true setbacks such as how airplane trains and automobileswith the late John Candy and Steve Martin, A Christmas song, Ernst saves Christmas, Who Killed Aunt Roo?, and caught, with Bill Murray.

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Experience the magic of Christmas with seasonal episodes from some of TV’s most memorable shows. Be on the slip The Twilight Zone‘s”The Night of the Meek” The Brady bunch‘s”The voice of Christmas To cheer’s “Christmas Greetings”, ai.e family ties “A Christmas Carol by Keaton.”

A branch of reality and festive family treats

Santa hunter

For those whose days are brightened by a dose of reality that’s not quite theirs, find curated holiday episodes from deliciousness, ridiculousnessand RuPaul’s Drag Race. Additionally, Paramount will revisit the Wonderful Winter Land quest to earn the title Top Eleven.

Break out the Christmas cookies and popcorn to enjoy the festive family time. With Paramount’s Falalala Family Fun Collection, all members of the family can enjoy offers such as: Noisy house Christmas, Pretty weird Christmasand Santa hunter.

Holiday horror and love

Christmas thriller

Some need a little break from sugar and spices. Such viewers will find a selection that includes the following Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas is the story of a man who falls in love when he meets the girl of his dreams. But alas, a date with this dream girl ends up being a little tasteless, especially when he finds out what’s being served. And then there’s Good night everyonea 1983 slasher, snow beast, and a Christmas thriller.

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Some ask why Christmas comedies are still so popular. Nothing sets the heart on fire like a good holiday romance. So choices like A very British Christmas, Christmas offerand Christmas flies will be available for the faint hearted and those with an affinity for love and light.

Christmas Specials

Something unique could lift the spirits and get the heart pumping. In this case there is The All Star Nickmas Spectacular as well as Ho Ho Ho Holiday Special. Then join the nation with the December 11th airing National Tree Illumination. Next, fans of ghosts can mark their calendars for Friday, December 16th, the premiere of an hour-long holiday special.

Music lovers can snag a brand new original from Nickelodeon snow day on Friday, December 16th The synopsis reads: “Your family will have loads of fun with Snow Day, a musical reinterpretation of the hit classic comedy film that follows a group of kids who discover that if you break routines and take huge risks, anything is possible.” .”

And on December 20, fans of Mariah Carey can catch her two-hour Christmas concert Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas everyone. According to Variety, Carey will perform a selection of her festive Christmas hits in the upcoming special, including “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Finally, on December 23rd, the eve of Christmas Eve, begin A holiday home in the Grove.

Incredibly, it’s that time of year once again to spread goodwill and happiness. However, it’s always good practice to know where and how to access the things that will make your season that little bit easier and brighter. And Paramount+ has everything you need.

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