The 16-year-old founds his own company for high-pressure cleaners

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) — The pressure on 16-year-old Caleb Droll, who juggles school and his own business, pressure-cleaning homes and driveways.

He started his business with one goal in mind.

“Just to save for college. I’m going to Georgetown Tech next year to do some basic business courses,” Droll said.

The teenager’s hard work ethic began when he was just 14 years old, working for his parents’ granite company in Socastee and other jobs with his father.

“I helped my father pressure-clean our house a few years ago. Then I started making my family’s and some of my friends’. I kind of liked it, so I decided to do it myself,” Droll explained.

His ambition has turned into a profitable one. He has made almost $30,000 so far, which is enough to buy a truck and professional equipment.

“I bought a commercial hot water pressure washer. Bought the trailer, the tank and the company we work with hooked it up for us,” he said.

Droll then hooked it up for WMBF News so we can see him in action.

It’s a lengthy process for a person that doesn’t always go smoothly. But once the kinks are fixed, he wastes no time pre-treating and pressure-washing the Hardie board fairing before giving us a lesson on how to pressure-wash the driveway.

“It’s a really satisfying task to see the before and after. It doesn’t take much time to see that. I guess it bothers me. You deal with a lot of different people, you get to know a lot of people. I think I enjoy that too,” he said.

Droll said he’s enjoying the job so much that he’s considering making his business a career after college.

“We will have a website design and my truck will be wrapped in the next few months.”

It’s also beefing up its marketing placards with a new name and logo called the Paragon Pro-Wash. Then he read the definition.

“It’s a person or thing that’s seen as a perfect example of a certain quality,” Caleb said. “It took weeks and weeks to come up with that name. Actually, my mom recommended it to me and I kind of liked it, so it stuck and we’ve been going on ever since.”

Droll said his family is proud of what he has achieved so far and he encourages other teenagers to become entrepreneurs too.

“You really learn a lot of hard work. It’s really humbling when you have to see what a company is actually like and how much things actually cost,” he said. “I really enjoy it, so I don’t see it as hard work. It makes me proud. It gives me a good inner feeling.”

It’s his hardworking spirit that makes him a part of This Is Carolina.

Call 843-798-1146 if you are interested in hiring Droll for a pressure washing job.

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