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The 10 most valuable full-type Pokemon trainer cards

The Pokemon trading card game has been one of the most popular card games in the world for over two decades. That has a lot to do with how the franchise has swept the entire world in Poke Mania and great marketing across multiple different venues ranging from anime to mobile games, adding more at every rate.

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One thing that the Pokemon TCG can claim to be better than most other card games is the card arts. Some Pokemon cards grab your attention at first sight with full art and holographic designs. While Pokemon have been shown in beautiful cardboard pieces, there’s also a lot of value to be found in trainer cards, especially supporter trainer cards.

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10 Erika’s Hospitality – SM – Team Up

Erika is the Grass-type Gym Leader in Celadon City. The Grass-type master has been around since the beginning and has built an impressive following. Modest and unassuming, she wears traditional clothing that sets her apart from other, more modern Gym Leader styles.

With Erika’s Hospitality, you can draw a card for each of your opponent’s Pokémon in play, provided you have fewer than five cards in hand. So not only does Erika’s Hospitality look awesome, but it’s also a useful turn card that can be used in many decks.

9 Misty’s Favor – SM – Unified Minds

Misty is possibly one of the most popular female companions in all of anime, let alone Pokemon. With her wild nature and passion for water types and competitions, she conquered the hearts of many fans.

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Misty’s favor in the TCG is pretty awesome too. You can add three supports to your hand, which is fantastic for preparing for a few future rounds and planning your way to victory.

8th Cynthia – SM – Ultra Prism

Cynthia is probably the most popular champion in all Pokemon, rivaled only by Steven or Lance. With her incredible team, intimidating demeanor and signature garchomp, she’s one badass lady.

Cynthia in the TCG is a simple but effective card. You can shuffle your hand into the deck and draw six new cards, which will hopefully help you find some key cards. The art is sophisticated, with Cynthia in an excited, eager pose, and the colors are just gorgeous.

7 Iris – plasma explosion

Unlike many other Pokemon characters, Iris has become more popular thanks to anime. Since she was a central character throughout the fifth generation anime, many fans became attached to her and felt close to the young champion. Her aspiration to become world champion at such a young age was also admirable.

Unfortunately, in the TCG, Iris is a little overwhelming in terms of power. It lets you deal 10 extra damage to your opponent’s Pokemon for each Prize card they took for a turn. That was never essential, to be honest. However, it became valuable due to the beautiful art and the fact that it’s a semi-old card almost always adds value.

6 Professor Juniper – Plasma Freeze

The Pokemon TCG has printed several professor cards throughout its history. Many of these have either similar or directly the same effect. Sure, Professor Oak did it first, but Professor Juniper was the first modern imprint of the classic professor card, making you discard your hand and draw seven cards. It’s a few years old, which makes it more valuable.

Almost every new generation comes with one of these professor cards these days, but few of them make as much of a splash as Juniper. The effect is already impressive, but the art on this card is not neglected. Bright, colorful, and clean-looking, Juniper may have the most beautiful Pokémon card among the professors.

5 Bianca – Crossed borders

To keep up with the fifth generation bandwagon, we have Bianca, another iconic female character from the black and white era. She was a fairly well-written and deep character who struggled with family pressures, insecurities, and self-doubt.

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The card itself is handy and lets you draw until you have six cards in hand. Besides such a powerful draw effect, the art on this card is also flawless. It shows a cute, almost shy-looking Bianca with bright colors and is a coveted collector’s item.

4 Pink – SM – Cosmic Solar Eclipse

Rosa is the only playable protagonist on this list, and with good reason. She is one of the best main characters in terms of design, with fabulous clothes and a very memorable hairstyle. However, that’s not the only reason this card is valuable.

The effect is pretty good in the vacuum, so you can have a Pokemon, a trainer, and a basic Energy on hand that’s pretty primed for an explosive round. Unfortunately, you can only use it if your Pokemon got knocked out in the last turn, which has prevented this card from becoming a staple. However, it’s definitely one of the first cards looking for a collection.

3 Lisia – SM – Heavenly Storm

To be honest, Lisia is an interesting character to get her own full art card. She’s not a protagonist, villain, champion, or even a gym leader. She’s just a Pokémon Coordinator from Sootopolis City.

To be fair, her design is pretty awesome, taking cues from the competitive star Altaria, which is also her in-game Pokémon. Her card effect isn’t bad either, allowing you to pick up two Prisma Star cards from the deck. Of course, this includes Prism Star Trainer cards, making them a great option for the right deck.

2 Skyla – Limits exceeded

Skyla is another of those characters whose design fans love. At least Skyla has gained some fame as she is Mistralton City’s gym manager. She has an excellent team and is a very bubbly but confident character, which makes her a fan favorite.

Skyla has a simple effect, add a trainer card from your deck to your hand. Unfortunately, that power has since wormed its way from Rosa, making Skyla interestingly a relic. However, she’s gaining in value thanks to her incredible art that captures her mood and the fact that she’s now a decade old.

1 Lillie – SM – Ultra Prism

The most valuable full screen Trainer card title goes to Lillie. Lillie is a fan favorite for a reason. She has the sweet looks of Lisia, the story depth of Bianca, and later gains the confidence of Skyla. She really is the best poke girl out there.

Interestingly, Lillie isn’t a particularly strong card. She draws you cards until you have a hand of six, or eight if it’s your first draw. It’s also not that old a map as it was released in 2018. Finally, Lillie is proof of what character engagement and incredibly well-drawn card art can do for the price.

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