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The 10 best sci-fi movies on binge

It’s taken Australia’s streaming service Binge a while to have a decent catalog of sci-fi movies, let alone 10 for us to make a best-of list.

Some of these sci-fi movies we’ve picked might make you want to write an angry letter discussing that claim to “the best.” And that’s okay, you’re probably right. But sometimes all you need is a horrible movie to pass the time. With that caveat out of the way….

The best sci-fi movies on binge

In no particular order, here are the best sci-fi movies on binge, according to Gizmodo Australia.

Kong: Skull Island

King Kong’s reign began in 1933, but it didn’t last long. He ended up being overshadowed by Godzilla and a slew of B-movie contenders for decades, to the point where even Peter Jackson’s attempt to revive him in 2005 couldn’t help anymore. But with Kong: Skull Islanddirector Jordan Vogt-Roberts created an action-packed spectacle worthy of its huge, majestic star.


The critically acclaimed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece – or at least the first half of it – is now streaming on Binge. dune feels like a product from another time in Hollywood history. A film with the scope and vision of modern blockbusters, telling a complex, mature story normally reserved for independent dramas. It’s hugely ambitious, not always straightforward, but accessible and lived in a way that makes it utterly compelling to watch, even if the thrills and chills aren’t quite as plentiful as we’ve come to expect from recent hits. It’s an old-school blockbuster told with visuals sure to delight a new-school audience.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim does not deal with a a lot of the potentially amazing sci-fi story that defines his post-Kaiju apocalypse world. It puts you right in the 80 meter high, missile and plasma cannon and sword equipped combat robot world of the film and delivers a really immersive roller coaster ride of a story with some memorable characters – Idris Elba’s Marshal Pentecost , Ron Perlman’s Hannibal Chau – including some really stunning CGI. (Oh, and a abominable Aussie accent or two.)


Looks. moonshot is a love story set in space. It’s a bit on the ordinary side and falls short of what you’d expect from a space romance – but if you don’t realize that the entire genre of sci-fi is clearly there to tease us fans, then that’s on you . moonshot it’s cheesy, but it’s fun. And it’s a go-to movie for me when I need a sci-fi binge.

2001: A Space Odyssey

A classic, hands down one of the best and most binge-worthy sci-fi movies of all time. While we don’t know exactly where Dave ends up on his journey through the cosmos, the visual elements have become significant in sci-fi travel along the way. There are a lot of theories about it 2001: A Space Odysseybut the synopsis for the 1986 masterpiece is basically that after a mysterious buried artifact is uncovered beneath the lunar surface, a spacecraft is sent to Jupiter to find its origin – a spacecraft controlled by two men and the supercomputer HAL 9000 is manned. You should definitely watch it if you still are.


One could argue that Xanadu It’s not science fiction, but I probably won’t listen. It is not, Not a science fiction story. It’s one of those movies that came out now So long since become a cult classic and is no longer considered a flop. The questionable acting and even more nondescript special effects make this a top-notch sci-fi film (no, don’t give in) to binge–if for no other reason than to laugh and/or roll your eyes.

Jurassic world

The third installment in the Jurassic World franchise (and the sixth Jurassic Park movie) came out this year, and it was colossally awful. It’s probably with this lens that I’m considering Jurassic world the best. But despite an island’s good intentions, Jurassic world is an uneven film in many ways. The human characters basically don’t work, the movie revels in nostalgia, and the story is dark. But where it matters most – nice dino action! – this movie delivers enough to remind us why we love these beasts.


reminiscencethe feature film debut of western world Co-creator Lisa Joy, trying to be too big for his own good. It’s a sci-fi noir packed with thought-provoking cool ideas, genres that don’t usually go together, incredible actors and gorgeous visuals. Yet little of it ends up coming together in a way that makes sense or satisfies everyone. That’s the general consensus here at Gizmodo Australia. But other than that, it’s very very reminds (sorry) of what has happened to the sci-fi genre over the last few years and that’s why we put it on our list.

The prestige

This one is for the Nolan fans. Even though The prestige is often regarded as one of legendary director Christopher Nolan’s weaker films (beginning, Interstellar, The dark knight), The prestige is slightly toned down in scope and focuses on two warring mages. Once colleagues and friends, the two go their separate ways after a tragedy. The film builds suspense in a way you’d expect from a Nolan film and is well worth watching or re-watching. It also stars Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.


Time travel is a drug and the consequences can be deadly. Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Infinity War) and Jamie Dornan (50 shades of gray) star one Synchronous as two best friends and paramedics from New Orleans who realize that children are dying in horrific, improbable ways. Stabbed through the chest with a sword, burned to a crisp, or broken in half. The only connection they find between the deaths is the same little packaging at the crime scene for something called “Synchronic”.

There you have it, 10 of the best sci-fi movies to enjoy on binge.

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