Netflix offers a huge catalog of TV shows and movies. In addition to acquiring successful productions, the streaming giant generates an impressive amount of original content. Even though it’s only May, Netflix has released a lot of movies this year. Netflix recognizes that every viewer has different interests and creates niche-specific films.

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The streaming service dabbles in several categories, including family-friendly animation and engaging sci-fi movies. Netflix has also been home to some of the most gripping documentaries of the past decade. For this year’s releases, the IMDb results highlight the differences in quality and recognition between various Netflix original films.

10 Along For The Ride explores teen reinvention – 6.0

Teen movies have declined in importance over the past few decades. However, Netflix strives to keep the genre alive by releasing hits like that To all the boys I’ve loved before and The kissing booth trilogies. Continuing the book-to-movie trend, it has been appreciated by fans on the trip, an adaptation of the novel by Sarah Dessen.

With me on the journey follows Auden West during her summer vacation. When she lives with her father in a small town, she meets Eli, who also struggles with insomnia. The two help each other step out of their comfort zones, and Auden reinvents herself through her summer adventures.

9 The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes is an eloquent exploration of Hollywood’s most famous star – 6.2

The streaming service continues its outstanding production of documentaries The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unheard Tapes investigating the death of the title star. It’s a must-see for fans of the legendary actor and the Hollywood Golden Age. The Unheard Tapes also pulls back the glamor and delves into Monroe’s life, addressing the hardships she endured throughout her childhood and adult life.

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The documentary reveals previously unshared interviews with Monroe’s friends and acquaintances conducted by Anthony Summers. Summers is known for his compelling biographies, including Goddess: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. The Unheard Tapes is one of the most fascinating and well-researched documentaries.

8th Against The Ice brings to light a historical event – 6.5

against the ice is an action-packed historical drama. The story, starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cole, illustrates the events of Mikkelsen’s 1909 Greenland Expedition. Ejnar Mikkelsen (Coster-Waldau) embarked with a team to prove that Greenland is a single island belonging only to Denmark heard. Only Iver Iversen (Cole) continues with Mikkelsen when his first attempt goes awry.

against the ice Excellent cinematography captures a captivating adventure of hardship. The actors authentically capture the rollercoaster of emotions Mikkelsen and Iversen experienced during their three years stranded. The contributions of this expedition are crucial to the United States’ recognition of Danish control of Greenland, and the film brought them to light.

7 Our father sneaks out and captivates the audience – 6.7

Posted May 11, 2022, Our father tells the story of 94 half-siblings who seek justice after discovering Doctor Donald Cline got their mothers pregnant. Cline was a fertility specialist who inseminated these women during their non-consensual insemination procedures.

The story unfolds when Jacoba Ballard, who was raised as an only child, discovers after a DNA test that she has multiple siblings. As the number of relatives increases, Our father is a chilling look at Donald Cline’s superiority complex, a complex also evident in the critically acclaimed series. dr Death.

Reminiscent of beloved movies like band slam and School of Rock, Metal Lords is a funny teen movie about three friends. Metal Lords begins with metalhead Hunter Sylvester attempting to form a band with friend Kevin Schlieb. Despite being out of sync, Kevin and Hunter sign up for the school’s “Battle of the Bands,” prompting Kevin to hone his skills as a drummer.

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The friendship between the two is put to the test when Kevin invites cellist Emily to the band. Fans and critics have thought Metal Lords a charming portrayal of the music genre with great chemistry between the performers.

5 The Adam Project explores the importance of family through a sci-fi adventure – 7/6

Ryan Reynolds continues to be a versatile actor in his latest role in The Adam Project. Joining Reynolds is a charismatic and talented cast that includes Zoe SaldaƱa, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. The sci-fi film follows Adam Reed (Reynolds) who mistakenly travels to the wrong year in search of his time-traveling wife and meets his younger self (Walker Scobell).

While sci-fi and action-packed scenes dominate the screen, The Adam Project uses the child and adult versions of Adam to explore the importance of family. Although the time skip landed Adam at the wrong time, it allowed him to reconsider his relationship with his mother.

4 Rescued By Ruby is a heartfelt story for all ages – 7.1

Grant Gustin shows his acting talent outside of the Arrowverse in Saved by Ruby. Based on a true story Saved by Ruby follows Daniel O’Neil (Gustin), a state cop who, despite his constant rejection, is adamant about making the K-9 unit.

O’Neil is determined to succeed in his last opportunity to join the team and is disheartened that the unit can no longer afford German Shepherds. O’Neil adopts Ruby from the animal shelter and begins training her. After a long and challenging training session, O’Neil and Ruby finally make it into the K-9 unit.

3 Tinder scammer made viewers question their safety – 7.2

Netflix has captivated fans with its true crime features. The Tinder scammer took the streaming service by storm. It showed a chilling reality of how dating apps are rampant and that people will never really know who is behind their screens.

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True crime fans were fascinated by the sophisticated and witty staging. The Tinder scammer follows Simon Leviev who cheated on women on Tinder. After taking his matches on luxurious dates, Leviev asked for large sums of money, pretending to urgently need cash to escape people trying to kill him. The money he cheated fueled his lifestyle and continued his plan.

2 Return To Space takes viewers behind the scenes at NASA and SpaceX – 7.3

Back to space focuses on how Musk and SpaceX set out to transform space travel. The goal of sending NASA astronauts back to the International Space Station is spectacularly captured by directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

Both Chin and Vasarhelyi were praised for their detailed and engaging productions Back to space. Interviews and archival footage shed new light on space exploration and provide insight into the inner workings of NASA and the private sector.

1 Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood offers a new perspective on the historical event – 7.3

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood is an animated family film set before the moon landing. A childhood in the space age follows two points of view. One perspective is that of an excited child inspired by the experiences of director, producer and writer Richard Linklater.

The second angle follows an astronaut and the inner workings of NASA. A childhood in the space age is nostalgic for those who witnessed the Apollo 11 landing on television, and also offers a new take on the story by incorporating the viewer’s perspective.

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