Creating worlds in Minecraft is something many gamers love to do to unwind after a long day. Over time we build so much that at some point we run out of ideas. But don’t worry, we’re here to inspire you with some really cool pool and water structures to use in your favorite world today. Here are 10 of the best Minecraft swimming pool ideas and designs.

Axolotl hideout pool

Gamepur screenshot

This is a simple and easy build perfect for any axolotl lover. This was built into the ground, to which a staircase led down. After setting up some waterfalls and some decorations, you can add some axolotls and it becomes the perfect swimming area.

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frog fountain

Image via BitGardener on YouTube

An automatic frog fountain is a creative and very fun addition to any player’s Minecraft world. This fountain is made out of redstone and blocks of water to create the movement of water through the frog statue to make it look like a fountain. There is a water pump mechanism under the statue, and with some command blocks, the fountain will also turn off automatically at night. This is a very adorable piece to add around some frogs.

koi pond

Image via Cortezerino on YouTube

Building a koi pond in Minecraft is easy, just using some water blocks, different types of foil, like lily pads and seaweed, and even adding a few fish. You can also add a cute little bridge over the pond using some wooden planks and even a fence. Overall, a koi pond could be a great swimming area that would look nice to keep next to your house.

Axolotl Aquarium

Image via One Team on YouTube

An axolotl aquarium in Minecraft is an exciting and unique area to add to your world. To make one you really just need some water blocks, aquatic vegetation and some axolotls. You should use wood and glass to form the bulk of the aquarium. Build a transparent box so you can see your axolotls swimming around and this will make the perfect addition to any Minecraft house in the world.

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Large swimming pool

Image via JoofyLooby on YouTube

A large swimming pool in Minecraft is a great addition to your world, especially if you are building a house or mansion and want to spice up the exterior with some fancy things. You can add a little extra decoration by adding some underwater lighting, some plants and maybe even a fountain. Don’t forget some stairs leading into the pool and some poolside lounge chairs.

fairy pond

Image via Kelpie The Fox on YouTube

This fairy inspired pond brings such magical and whimsical style to a world. You want to excavate a spot for the pond and then add some stone around it. Add some mushrooms, flowers and some long grass for some magical decorations. After adding some water and some lights for a whimsy feel, you have a fairy inspired pond.

moonstone pond

Image via Kelpie The Fox on YouTube

A pond with an interesting statue in the center is a unique outdoor pond idea. This idea could be implemented in two different ways when it comes to this moon shape. Either by making an oval hole to then fill it with water, or making a regular pond with a moon statue over it. Adding a few rocks and flowers makes it feel even more magical and would go well with some of the other ponds mentioned in this guide.


Image via WiederDude on YouTube

For some players who have not yet decided on a home, you can build yourself a luxurious pool house. Not only would you have a nice house, but you could also go outside and take a dip in the pool. You can use concrete and grass to give the house a sleek, modern look and add some seating and dressing rooms to the pool outside. You could even add an outdoor bar, outdoor kitchen, and rooftop deck.

Realistic swimming pool

Image via Taffstar on YouTube

There are many designs that can be used to build swimming pools, but one like this seems to be the most realistic. Not only can you add a floating seat to your pool, you can also add a latter that leads in. Some glass around gives it an even fancier look and if you already have a house built you can easily add one of these to the build.

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Modern pool house

Image via Random Steve Guy on YouTube

Building a pool house on a large body of water seems like an overwhelming but exciting idea. After finding a decent sized lake, you can easily add some concrete for flooring and start building a house from scratch. Adding small stepping stones as a bridge over the water makes it even better.


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