Texas Standard Today: This Texas label makes records the old-fashioned way

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The debate about freedom of expression on social media could be taken to the Supreme Court

Republican lawmakers in Texas and Florida passed legislation barring platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from blocking or restricting political expression, claiming their views were being censored. Now, after contradictory decisions on the leg of the lawThe Supreme Court is expected to intervene. Tom Leatherbury with the First Amendment Clinic at Southern Methodist University has more.

What a $50 savings per taxpayer is costing Harris County residents

Republican commissioners boycotted the Harris County Commissioners Court for weeks last fall in a bid to force Democrats into a smaller budget and lower tax rates. Houston Public Media’s Andrew Schneider examines whether the savings are worth it to taxpayers the cuts in services.

Indigenous resistance grows against gas project in Rio Grande Valley

Resistance to LNG plants continues in the Rio Grande Valley as members of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe and others demonstrated near the facility last weekend. Texas Public Radio’s Gaige Davila has more.

Life is changing for truck drivers in the United States

Are the nation’s truckers in? it for the long haul? Increasingly to goHe says no, as stagnant salariessupply chain woe and more make it is hardah make ends meet. Wired’s Andrew Kay has more on this historical changes in the trucking industry.

The generation gap and how it affects tech workers’ firing responses

The mass layoffs across the tech industry are disproportionately affecting Gen Xers and Millennials in terms of financial struggles and career advancement. while it is been a big one Awakening for a generation that has not experienced an economic crashthat’s not the case Per older workforce. Tripp Mickle, New York Times tech reporter, has more.

This Texas label makes records the old fashioned way

Grant Himmler makes turntables with machines that are 80 years old. We’ll hear from him and learn more about the work behind his label, Old Faithful Records.

Knows Someone who wants to join the National Guard? In some federal states you can now receive a finder’s reward.

About half a dozen states are trying something new to attract National Guard recruits: they pay finder’s fees to people who help bring in new troops. Some National Guard leaders want to roll out a similar referral rewards program nationwide. Wish Diorio Reports for the American Homefront Project.

Those who refused to vote collected money for a hospital in Ukraine. It was never built.

What happens when a right-wing extremist group of refusers trying to build a hospital in a war zone? It can get messy, at least in the case of Texas-based “True the Vote”. A new investigation by ProPublica and the Dallas Morning News found the group has raised millions for a hospital in Ukraine that was never built. Pro Publica‘s Cassandra Jaramillo has the story.

All of this, plus the Texas Newsroom state round-up and Wells Dunbar with Talk of Texas.


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