Tesla is pushing to build a new drive-in cinema, theater and supercharger station in Hollywood | news


Speculative rendering of Tesla's proposed diner, drive-in theater and supercharge station by Ed Howard.  Image courtesy of Twitter @HowardModels.

Speculative rendering of Tesla’s proposed diner, drive-in theater and supercharge station by Ed Howard. Image reproduced with permission via Twitter @HowardModels.

As Electrek reported in May 2022, Tesla has moved its previously announced plans for a Supercharger station, diner and drive-in movie theater from a vacant lot in the city of Santa Monica to the current location of a Shakey’s Pizza franchise at 7001 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, CA.

The two-story structure will feature multiple bars and outdoor seating in addition to amphitheater-style seating overlooking the dual screens and array of 29 charging stations.

The films are said to be around 30 minutes long, which is roughly the time it takes for the Stage 3 Supercharger process, which is faster than the 8- to 20-hour versions of Stages 1 and 2 at home. Permits are still pending to allow the station (but not the theater) to operate 24 hours a day. Some have speculated that it will sport a “retro” mid-century aesthetic reminiscent of the large Standard Oil stations documented by Ed Ruscha in the early 1960s.

use twitter @MarcoRPTesla Details of the project including drawings of the proposed Supercharger station provided.

Edward Howard, an Ohio-based architectural modeler and founder of Howard Models, took to Twitter to offer a playful and speculative idea of ​​what the Tesla Diner, drive-in theater and Supercharge station might look like based on the site drawings circulating online.

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