The Tennessee Titans 2022 schedule was released just over a week ago and will feature a total of four prime-time games and a slew of tough matchups.

However, there are some softer matchups on Tennessee’s 17-game list that the team will need to take advantage of if they want to sniff another 12-win season and division title.

Before we get to the games we think will be easiest for the Titans to play and why, check out their full schedule via a downloadable computer desktop wallpaper here.

Of course, while we may consider these six games to be the easiest on the Titans’ schedule, we can’t forget how prone Tennessee has been to disappointments in recent years, so nothing is guaranteed.

Well what did you come for…

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The Titans won’t have a movie about a Giants team with a new coaching staff, but New York will get wet on a new offense for the first time in a regular-season game.

A matchup with a rebuilding Giants team coming off a 4-13 season is about as ideal a Week 1 matchup as Tennessee could draw.

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The Titans were 2-0 against a Carson Wentz-led Colts team last season and we saw just how bad the veteran signal caller can look. Now he’s going to a Washington team that’s a lot worse off than Indy is in 2021.

Add to that the fact that Commanders’ star defenseman Chase Young may not be himself in his freshman year after suffering a cruciate ligament rupture.


Not only are the Texans heading into their first season with another new head coach, but they are also expected to be among the worst teams in the NFL in 2022 after being beaten 4-13 in 2021.

Division games can be tough, especially on the road, but a contest against a lackluster Houston team is about as soft as a division matchup one could hope for. Also, the Titans have won their last three games in Houston.


The Jags’ figure will improve in their first season under new head coach Doug Pederson, and by this point in the season one would assume the players would have fully adjusted to their new offense.

But the Titans have certainly owned Jacksonville historically, and that’s especially true in Nashville, where the Titans haven’t lost to the Jaguars since 2013. Overall, the Titans have led the Jaguars in 13 of their last 15 meetings.

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At this point in another losing season, the Texans could send it in with players eyeing the upcoming offseason.

Additionally, Houston may be keen to take a closer look at its younger, less-experienced players going forward, although it could lead to better overall performance.

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Just like the Week 16 matchup with the Texans, this season finale against the Jags could have a Jacksonville team sending it in who will be interested in taking a look at younger, inexperienced players.

Tennessee’s recent dominance over Jacksonville has extended to Duval, where the Titans have won four of their last five contests.

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