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Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 7 Summary

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The more time we spend with the characters, the better the show becomes. It might not have had the most exciting start, but it’s sure enough that it’s going to be one of the most intriguing shows of the year.

This recap of the Hulu series Tell Me Lies Season 1 Episode 7, “Castle on a Cloud” contains spoilers.

With Stephen’s bombshell and Lucy now knowing of Macy’s death, could some sticky situations be around the corner for Drew? Read the summary and find out.

tell me lies Season 1 Episode 7 Summary

It’s March 2008 and Evan quickly leaves his room while Stephen and Lucy are in bed together. He goes to his family and interacts with a rude woman who is concerned about why he is on the property. Shortly thereafter, Evan invites his friends to relax at the place to celebrate his birthday. After Drew jumps in the pool, Lucy snaps at him for pouring water in all the drinks. Wrigley proves to be too much for everyone by constantly undressing and breaking a glass table.

Lucy struggles with the knowledge that Drew is responsible for Macy’s death. She tells Stephen that she can’t stand to see Drew live his life while Macy is dead. She tells Stephen that they should go to Macy’s parents, tell them what happened and let them decide whether to go to the authorities. But Stephen is against the idea, fearing it could ruin his life. Lucy continues to make her issues with Drew clear to Wrigley. When Wrigley tells Stephen about Lucy’s problem, Stephen avoids the subject. While sailing, Drew asks if Lucy is mad at him. When Stephen replies, he makes a mistake about Pippa knowing the truth about the accident. Stephen tells Drew to stop trusting Wrigley as he can’t keep his mouth shut. (It’s not like Stephen did the same thing to Lucy).

When the gang plays I Have Never, Pippa learns that Wrigley has betrayed everyone before her; and Lucy makes a rule that Bree and Evan have to kiss during the game. Evan is annoyed and leaves the game in a mood. Pippa checks on Lucy; Lucy tells her that she shouldn’t have allowed Macy to go to the party alone. When they have a heart-to-heart, fireworks go off. As everyone goes outside, Evan is bleeding and he tells everyone to fuck off. He adds that they are all assholes and none of them are even friends.

The end

The next morning, Evan is missing. Bree is the first to spot it. Soon everyone is looking for him and Bree finds him slumped against a tree trunk. He tells Bree that he must have fallen trying to get back to campus. Evan adds that he feels so much pressure because everyone expects him to be nice. After the gang gives Evan a birthday cake, Bree and Evan have sex.

While everyone is sleeping, Pippa watches as Stephen intentionally drops Bree’s camera into the pool. When Bree finds the camera, Stephen is surprised to find the camera damaged. When everyone returns home, Bree and Evan all appear to be in love.

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