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Telemundo 2023 Slate Highlights Romance, Drama, Suspense

Romance, suspense and drama dominate the 2023 roster from Telemundo Global Studios, who unveiled their 2023 lineup at Content Americas under the banner of The Telemundo Edge. Speak with diversity Before moderating Telemundo’s presentation, Karen Barroeta, executive vice president of production and development, noted, “We’ve evolved the genre so much that we now call it contemporary dramas, not telenovelas.” The long-form format runs an average of 80 episodes, stripped Monday through Friday, instead of the 120+ episodes of traditional telenovelas.

Telemundo’s programming will also benefit from its action-packed Super Series, the International Emmy-winning franchise “El Señor de los Cielos” (“Lord of the Air”), which just kicked off its 8th season on January 17th to stellar ratings , inspired. Inspired by real events, the show stars Rafael Amaya as the titular drug lord who undergoes plastic surgery to evade capture. “The show is always grounded in reality,” said Barroeta, adding that writer/creator Luis Zelkowicz has around 800 hours under his belt. Despite reports of his death in the previous season, “the infamous ‘Señor de los Cielos’ is alive, breathing new fire and destined to reclaim his place of power,” reads the synopsis.

Per Telemundo, during its premiere week, “El Señor de los Cielos” was “the #1 Spanish-language series in weekday primetime with a premiere-week average of 821,000 adults 18-49 and 309,000 adults 18-34.”

The network’s longest-running series was also the No. 1 broadcast program in its 9 p.m. slot (8 p.m. Central) regardless of language, among the 18-49 adult demo in key markets such as Los Angeles, New York , Miami and Houston , Dallas and Chicago.

“Obviously franchises are important to us because they allow us to leverage the capital of a show or a specific storyline,” said Barroeta, who added, “We definitely want to continue to build on what we’ve done in the past.” have worked at Telemundo for 20 years.” To remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market, Telemundo has invested in the production values ​​of its shows, acquiring the latest camera equipment, hiring film directors and combining the use of film locations and its state-of-the-art studios. “We let creativity and Innovating as we continue to push the envelope and produce unique stories is how we stay competitive,” she said.

The new series entering production and development this year are:

“Hasta Encontrarte” (working title). A romantic drama starring William Levy (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter) and Samadhi Zendejas (Rosario Tijeras, La Mujer del Diablo), with Kimberly Dos Ramos (La Desalmada) as the antagonist. Drama deals with the themes of adoption and family and was filmed in Mexico and Miami. It’s a little inspired by “Lion,” the Oscar-nominated biographical drama starring Dev Patel, which is based on the true story of a young man who haunts the family he was separated from at a very young age.

Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso, based on the original Colombian telenovela Sin tetas no hay Paraiso, is the hit franchise entering its fourth season and is a co-development with TIS (The Independent Studio formerly known as Telecolombia and Estudios Telemexico). Catalina Santana’s struggles with love and her ceaseless efforts to protect her family became a social media phenomenon that has been broadcast on Telemundo in the US and various countries around the world. The franchise also became the number one Spanish-language series on Netflix worldwide in 2017 and a top 10 scripted series on Netflix in Colombia in 2020.

“Mujer de Oro,” created by sought-after Chilean writer José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela, creator, showrunner and executive producer of the hit Netflix series “Who Killed Sara?” Chascas developed this project before signing an exclusive three-year deal with the streaming company in 2021 giants signed. The dramatic thriller follows Rebecca Arismendi, a widowed millionaire who is shocked to discover that her late husband has left part of his jewelry retail business to his first wife and to their daughter with him, Beatriz.

Blue Cage, currently in production in Turkey, is the first series to emerge from Telemundo Global Studios’ multi-year co-production agreement with Turkey’s Inter Medya, signed last year. In this suspense drama, Oğuz has lost his wife and relocated to a coastal town with his children, where he rescues a young woman with amnesia, Defne, whom he brings to his home. But when Defne regains her memory, she realizes she was an impostor in hiding.

Aside from “El Señor de los Cielos,” Barroeta highlighted the company’s other original productions set to premiere on Telemundo this year:

“Juego de Mentiras”, written by Chilean screenwriter Sebastian Arrau and expected to air in three to four months, is the thriller starring Arap Bethke, Altair Jarabo and Maria Elisa Camargo about Cesar Ferrer, whose wife disappears. When he becomes the prime suspect in her possible murder, he takes matters into his own hands and fights to retain custody of his daughter. It quickly becomes apparent that virtually every character on the show has reasons to eliminate his wife, who actually led a double life.

Based on the popular literary classic The Count of Monte Cristo, El Conde: Amor y Honor is a 90-episode retelling set in the 1930s and 1950s. The star cast includes Fernando Colunga (Ladrones), Ana Brenda Contreras (Mujeres asesinas) and Marjorie de Sousa (La Desalmada). In this adaptation, which sticks fairly closely to the original storyline, a young farmer is accused of double murder and thrown in prison, framed by a rival for the affections of his girlfriend Mariana. He is sent to a dungeon on a remote island where he meets a wealthy Spanish nobleman who bequeaths his fortune to him. Years later, Alejandro returns as the wealthy Count Joaquín de Montenegro, who sets out to avenge his betrayal.


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