Two girls on an electric scooter escaped with their lives after running a red light and hitting a car in southeast Queensland.

A driver’s dashcam captured the horrific collision that happened in Logan on Saturday morning.

In the clip, the two girls can be seen riding a local rental e-scooter across the intersection of Ewing Road and Wembley Road despite the red light at 8.42am.

The girls on the scooter collide with the silver car (left), the girls are thrown into the street (middle), and the girls lie on the street (right).

Terrifying dashcam footage revealed the moment the girls on the scooter collided with the silver car at the Logan intersection. Source: Facebook/Adrian Veche

After not stopping, they both look to the right as a silver car comes into the intersection and pulls towards them. At the last moment, the girls – without helmets – clamp the rear of the vehicle and are thrown to the middle of the road and thrown across the tarmac.

After picking themselves up, the two manage to cross the rest of the intersection to the other side of the street, leaving the e-scooter behind.

Meanwhile, one of the two men who stood near the girls on a median strip and witnessed the incident, pulls the e-scooter out of the lane of an oncoming vehicle before parking it in the median strip.

Driver says he was trying desperately not to meet the girls

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia on Monday morning, the driver of the silver car said he spotted the girls on the e-scooter as he pulled through the intersection on green.

“I tried to turn right as best I could, assuming they would brake, but there wasn’t much room at that junction to drive anywhere safely,” said André. “Next, I heard a loud bang.

After stopping a little way down the street, he ran back to the girls, who he said were around 14 or 15 years old, to make sure they were okay.

“There were a few scratches and the sight of blood that made one of the girls feel nauseous,” he said. He then asked if they had a phone number or ID he could write down.

“The girls said they were going to Macca and had nothing, but after a short pause they put their number in my notes app,” André said. “I reached out to her but heard no reply.”

As his car suffered dents and scratches to nearby paneling in the incident, André said he also filed a police report and contacted the scooter rental company.

Scratches and dents on the door and back panel of the silver car.

André said the rear panel of his vehicle was damaged in the incident. Source: Facebook/André Nassiep

“Could have been a lot worse”

The owner of the dashcam footage shared it with a message for the girls’ parents on Facebook.

“Please talk to your children about the rules of the road,” Adrian said. “A few seconds later and it could have ended a lot worse.”

Horrified by the “very terse call,” users said the girls “almost died.”

“No helmet and no common sense,” one person wrote. “[They’re] old enough to know better,” said another.

While others took sympathy for the driver of the vehicle, the girls hit out.

“[I] I feel very sorry for the poor driver [I] I bet it gave them a terrible scare,” one person said. “Foolish kids, if they got killed in the process the driver would have to live with it for the rest of his life,” added another.

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