Taipei, May 29 (CNA) — Taiwan on Sunday recorded 76,605 new COVID-19 cases and another daily high of 145 deaths, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

The country’s previous single-day record for COVID-19 deaths was 127, according to CECC data on Saturday.

The 145 people Sunday reported dying of COVID-19 complications were between the ages of 30 and 90, including 136 who had chronic illnesses or other serious illnesses, the CECC said.

95 of the new deaths related to COVID-19 were in people aged 80 or older, according to the CECC, while 70 were people who had not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The latest death reported on Sunday was a man in his 30s suffering from chronic lung and kidney disease. He died of pneumonia and sepsis after contracting COVID-19, the CECC said.

The CECC also said Sunday that 168 previously reported COVID-19 cases had progressed to serious infections, while 210 other patients had developed moderate symptoms of the disease.

The newly reported serious cases included a 1-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy, both of whom had developed encephalitis but have since improved with medical treatment and are no longer on ventilators, the CECC said.

Of the 1,788,230 domestic cases registered in Taiwan this year, 1,454 were classified as severe infections and 3,363 as moderate infections, accounting for 0.08 percent and 0.19 percent of the total, respectively, according to those valid as of May 29 CECC data.

In all other cases, the patients were either asymptomatic or had mild infections, the CECC said.

On Sunday, New Taipei reported the highest number of domestic cases at 14,848, followed by Kaohsiung at 9,563, Taoyuan at 9,379 and Taichung at 8,959.

Taipei reported 7,402 cases, Tainan 5,913, Changhua 3,882, Pingtung 2,554, Hsinchu County 1,976, Hsinchu City 1,699, Miaoli 1,667, Yilan 1,558, Keelung 1,216, Hualien 1,112, Chiayi City 1,059, Nantou 999, and 8 County 5,27ayi , and 8 County 5,27ayi

Penghu reported 204 cases, Kinmen 179 and the Matsu Islands 30, the CECC said.

Meanwhile, of Sunday’s 76,605 new COVID-19 cases, 66 were imported, including 37 travelers who had tested positive upon arrival in Taiwan, according to the CECC.

To date, Taiwan has registered 1,892,272 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began in early 2020, including 1,879,336 domestic infections.

With the 145 deaths reported on Sunday, the number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the country rose to 2,056, CECC data showed.

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