Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy confirms Taika Waititi’s untitled Star Wars film will likely debut before Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy revealed that Taika is Waititi war of stars The film is slated to appear before Patty Jenkins rogue squadron.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kennedy confirmed that the production company has “created a roadmap” for the future of the saga on the big screen. Waititi’s film appears to be ahead of Jenkins on the upcoming list, in line with Disney’s previous announcement rogue squadron was postponed indefinitely in November 2021. Little else is known about Waititi’s unknowns war of stars project, else Last night in Soho Writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns is attached to write the screenplay.

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Kennedy also spoke about Lucasfilms Star wars Film break since 2019 The Rise of Skywalkerand stated that the previous schedule of releasing one new film per year had proved unsustainable. “Everyone who comes in war of stars The universe needs to know this is a three, four, five year commitment,” she said. “That’s what it takes. You can’t jump in and shoot for a year and then walk away… It takes that kind of caring.”

The President of Lucasfilm continued to speak The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson is long pregnant war of stars trilogy, which confirms that the project is still under active development. Kennedy addressed the production’s lack of progress, which she attributed to Johnson’s current heavy workload. At the same time, she also hinted that Johnson’s next foray into a galaxy far, far away might no longer be a three-part story. “I hesitate to use the word ‘trilogies’ more because war of stars it’s much more about persistent storytelling,” Kennedy said.

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The release order of the saga’s next big screen entries popped up alongside the release windows for several war of stars tv shows. Villain One spin off Andor will debut in Summer 2022 during The Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to follow either late 2022 or early 2023, and Ahsoka will arrive sometime in 2023. The release window for another long-awaited war of stars Series, The AcolyteIs still unknown.

The same applies to Spider-Man: No Way Home Director Jon Watts recently confirmed this war of stars Show. The series, currently codenamed Grammar Rodeo, has no official release date yet. The project is known to post-Return of the Jedi, after the fall of the Galactic Empire. This places it at a similar point in the war of stars timeline as The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s bookUnlike those shows, however, it will reportedly focus on a group of teenage protagonists.

Source: Vanity Fair

Ahsoka, Din Djarin, Obi Wan and Cassian Andor

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