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    As a parent or caregiver, you may be looking for ways to make your baby’s formula taste better. While breast milk is naturally sweet, formula can taste bland to babies. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to sweeten baby formula in a safe and healthy way.

    Why Sweeten Baby Formula?

    Sweetening baby formula can make it more palatable for babies who are picky eaters or have trouble accepting new formulas. It can also help mask the taste of medicated formulas or formulas with added iron that can taste metallic or bitter. However, it’s important to remember that babies have a natural preference for sweet tastes, and sweetening formula too much can lead to overfeeding and potential health risks.

    Safe Ways to Sweeten Baby Formula

    Here are some safe and healthy ways to sweeten baby formula:

    1. Add Fruit Puree

    Adding a small amount of fruit puree to baby formula can add natural sweetness and flavor. Choose fruits that are mild in flavor and low in acidity, such as apples, pears, or bananas. Mash the fruit and mix it into the formula, or use a blender to puree it for a smoother consistency.

    2. Use Vanilla Extract

    A drop or two of pure vanilla extract can add a subtle sweetness and aroma to baby formula. Make sure to use pure vanilla extract and not imitation vanilla, which can contain artificial flavorings and additives.

    3. Add Breast Milk

    If you’re supplementing with formula but still breastfeeding, you can add a small amount of breast milk to sweeten the formula. Breast milk is naturally sweet and can help ease the transition to formula for breastfed babies.

    4. Use Agave Nectar

    Agave nectar is a natural sweetener derived from the agave plant. It has a lower glycemic index than sugar and can be used in small amounts to sweeten baby formula. However, it’s important to use it sparingly and not to exceed the recommended daily intake of added sugars for infants.

    5. Try Maple Syrup

    Pure maple syrup can add a natural sweetness and flavor to baby formula. However, like agave nectar, it should be used sparingly and not to exceed the recommended daily intake of added sugars for infants.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions about sweetening baby formula:

    Can I use honey to sweeten baby formula?

    No, honey should not be used to sweeten baby formula or given to infants under one year of age. Honey can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum, which can cause infant botulism.

    How much sweetener should I add to baby formula?

    It’s important not to add too much sweetener to baby formula, as this can lead to overfeeding and potential health risks. A small amount of fruit puree, vanilla extract, or other natural sweeteners can be added to taste, but it’s important to monitor the baby’s intake and not exceed the recommended daily intake of added sugars for infants.

    What are the risks of adding too much sugar to baby formula?

    Adding too much sugar to baby formula can lead to overfeeding, obesity, and other health risks. Infants have a natural preference for sweet tastes, and adding too much sugar can cause them to overconsume formula and not get the nutrients they need.

    Can I use artificial sweeteners to sweeten baby formula?

    No, artificial sweeteners should not be used to sweeten baby formula. They can contain chemicals and additives that are not safe for infants, and there is not enough research on the long-term effects of artificial sweeteners on infant health.


    Sweetening baby formula can be a helpful way to make it more palatable for babies who are picky eaters or have trouble accepting new formulas. However, it’s important to use natural sweeteners in moderation and not to exceed the recommended daily intake of added sugars for infants. Consult with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about sweetening baby formula.

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  • Kiwi driver Liam Lawson is closer than ever to cracking a Formula 1 spot ahead of the Super Formula season in Japan

    Liam Lawson. Photo / Getty

    If Formula 1 is a game on musical chairs, Liam Lawson is circling motorsport’s top table, ready to pounce on an open seat.

    The fast and ambitious young New Zealand driver relies on rubber


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  • Why Australian McLaren F1 star Oscar Piastri’s mother might be the funniest Formula 1 fan

    By Kristy Williams for Daily Mail Australia

    20:53 March 21, 2023, updated 20:53 March 21, 2023

    • Nicole Piastri is a hit with fans
    • She brutally roasts Oscar on Twitter
    • Fans love her social media presence

    Australian F1 rookie Oscar Piastri is fast becoming a hit with fans – and it’s obvious he got every fun bone in his body from his mum Nicole.

    The incredibly talented 21-year-old is in his first season on the F1 grid, having replaced compatriot Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren in controversial circumstances last year.

    After a brilliant qualifying run that saw him finish eighth at last weekend’s Saudi Arabian GP, ​​fans have raved about the youngster’s ability to drive what many describe as a complete ‘dud’ of a car.

    The McLaren MCL60 is so far behind its rivals that many pundits are predicting a very difficult year for the Aussie, but it can count on an odd relief from its mother, who would prefer her son to keep her nerves in check, by driving his fastest lap Start of qualifying instead of end.

    “Good job Osc but could you please do your fast lap at the start of qualifying from now on so it doesn’t get so stressful?xx,” she commented on McLaren’s post after he timed his time in Saudi Arabia.

    Incredibly talented Aussie rookie Oscar Piastri is fast becoming a hit with fans – but is he the funniest person in his family anyway?
    Nicole Piastri joked that she was at Oscar’s first F1 race in Bahrain on March 3

    Nicole has traveled the world during her son’s burgeoning career and made another hilarious post from the season-opening Bahrain GP.

    “I’ll still watch the kids play sports,” she wrote with a joking frown emoji that accompanied a photo of her outside his McLaren garage.

    Unfortunately for Piastri, despite that sizzling qualifying run, McLaren’s dire condition meant he finished 15th at Jeddah after having to pit on the very first lap of the race with damage to his front wing.

    Pundits, former legends of the sport and fans then broke down because Piastri was faster than Lando Norris, although the team didn’t opt ​​to leave him on a set of hard tires instead of giving him new rubber like his teammates.

    They even took the time to acknowledge Nicole’s brilliant social media posts.

    Oscar Piastri began his karting career in 2011 with Oakleigh Club in Melbourne
    His F1 career got off to a vicious start in Bahrain when his much-maligned McLaren retired with an engine failure

    Piastri is prolific and hugely popular on social media, but one fan’s reaction indicated his mum might be the funniest F1 diehard on Twitter.

    “We all know Oscar won Twitter last year but let’s not forget where he got it from,” one fan wrote, with screenshots of Nicole’s social media posts showing her lightheartedly poking fun at her son .

    “Quarantine, day number: somewhere in the middle. I watched an unhealthy amount of darts on TV,” Piastri wrote in late 2020, before Nicole hit back and absolutely pissed off her son for not returning her messages.

    “Wait, so you were busy watching darts in the nine hours it takes you to reply to my messages????” She replied.

    Just before Piastri’s move to McLaren, Nicole snapped another light-hearted clip of her son not returning her calls before fiercely defending what he had already achieved in motorsport.

    Piastri celebrates winning a Formula 3 race in 2020 – before winning the entire championship

    “Knowing Oscar, I’m going to find out what’s going on with the rest of the world,” she told The Age last year.

    “I think he has the determination and the ability and the intellect. I think he has everything it takes to get there and do a good job, but that’s a very small factor.

    “There are many other things that go into getting a Formula 1 spot – politics, money, availability of spots.”

    She roasted him again in 2020 for having a messy bedroom.

    “Today’s cooking chronicle with Oscar: I lost my good knife. How do you lose a damn knife!?’ Piastri asked his 297,000 followers.

    “Maybe check your bedroom floor…” Nicole replied.

    At the age of only 15, Oscar Piastri finished third in an international karting competition at the legendary Le Mans

    Born and raised in Melbourne, Piastri has risen through the ranks at dizzying speed after taking up remote control car racing at national level before beginning his career with Oakleigh Go Karting Club in 2011.

    He’s won the Eurocup, Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships in consecutive years – and Nicole thinks he learned everything from her.

    “Hi Oscar, I heard your mother is an excellent driver. Did you learn everything you know from her?” she jokingly asked in a 2020 F3 Q&A session.

    He’ll get a chance to strut his stuff in front of home fans at the Australian GP at Melbourne’s iconic Albert Park circuit – and it’s likely Nicole will celebrate the occasion with another fervor or two.


  • F1 Arcade is the immersive gaming experience aimed at making you feel like a Formula 1 driver

    • F1 Arcade in London is a social gaming experience with realistic racing simulators
    • The arcade also features several reactor games and race weekend demonstrations
    • As the popularity of F1 grows, so does the demand for immersive experiences

    When the final Formula One season kicks off in Bahrain on Sunday, 20 drivers will go head-to-head in an adrenaline-pumping competition unimaginable to all but the select few skilled enough to compete.

    But can a game ever match the experience of driving an F1 car?

    F1 Arcade, a social gaming experience developed by the Formula 1 brand, claims it can “make you feel like a champion” through its “Sims” racing simulators based on tracks from the 2022 calendar be”.

    The arcade also offers a range of reaction games designed to test the speed of your reflexes, which are an essential part of driving training.

    The simulation offers the driver different levels to choose from, ranging from beginner to elite, where the controller becomes fully manual, with additional paddles and knobs for steering to contend with.

    For those not expecting to soar to the exhilarating heights of Formula 1, F1 Arcade is a good place to start
    The arcade offers 60 racing simulators and reaction games as well as food and cocktails
    The arcade reaction games series is designed to test the speed of a player’s reflexes
    Players can also relax between games by taking a seat at the F1 arcade’s spacious bar

    At the beginner level, the controller is mainly used for steering, reversing and changing the point of view.

    Not only can this feature help the player keep an eye on drivers trying to overtake behind them, but interestingly the race can also be run from the cockpit, with the view shedding more light on the drivers’ perspective and at the same time with the halo has to fight.

    Once the race begins, the sound is overwhelming from all sides as competitors’ cars hum and speed around you.

    As with F1, keeping the car on track at high speed can be extremely difficult, but all the more satisfying when the right racing line is chosen and the driver is able to overtake.

    But the feel of racing is where the sim feels superior.

    When the driver speeds across gravel or grass, the chair bucks and wobbles as if trying to lift you completely out of the seat, and the steering hums and spins out of control.

    The game, like sport, is more physically intense than it first appears.

    But unlike in reality, the in-game consequences are brief, as even staying in the box after a DNF is over in moments – albeit similarly frustrating.

    F1 Arcade visitors and Sims users may not have the roar of the crowd or the threat of career points, but the experience is compelling.

    With tons of available data and well-rendered curves from Monza or Spa filling the screen, the simulation gives an immersive feel that makes racing exciting and addictive.

    Drivers on the F1 circuit may also envy you the availability of food, drinks and cocktails that F1 Arcade drivers can sample so soon after completing a race or reaction test.

    The room itself allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Formula 1 with huge screens

    The space itself immerses visitors in the world of F1, with giant screens dedicated to Sky Sports’ racing channel and a ‘pit wall’ showing live data from the pits on race days.

    Details were also picked out in the interior, including a mural of famous – and notorious – driver quotes.

    As the sport continues to grow in popularity, demand for the F1 experience has grown exponentially.

    As the sport has grown in popularity, the demand for an F1 experience has grown exponentially

    Winnie Mukamutala, who has worked at the space since it opened in December 2022, has also noticed increased interest ahead of the season.

    “When we started, Fridays and Saturdays were booming, there weren’t any places for walk-in customers,” Mukamutala said. “Now the weekend starts on Thursdays.”

    Mukamutala, a fan of Lewis Hamilton, also noted the space’s popularity with visitors of all ages.

    F1 Arcade will open another space in Birmingham later in 2023, with a view to US expansion in 2024.

    As Drive to Survive will attest, F1 drivers are no strangers to playing racing games themselves, not just to relax, but to refine their memories of the circuits where they ply their trade.

    While sitting in one of their chairs won’t get you any closer to the podium, the Sims in F1 Arcade can still provide a worthy replacement.


  • Chemyunion develops Polluout Detox | HAPPY

    Driven by a growing demand for more natural and diversified products, the global hair care market is expected to reach US$116.33 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 3.35% between 2020 and 2025.

    Behind this remarkable growth is a new generation of consumers who are redefining their relationship with their hair and are paying close attention to the skin care market. As an evolution in hair care, scalp skin rejuvenation embraces health from the ground up by increasing consumer awareness and education about hair follicles and their condition.

    Data from social media monitoring showed that people are increasingly aware of the benefits of skincare when it comes to the scalp, with a focus on hydration, relief or detoxification. There is a widespread perception that the scalp or hair signals the quality of your hair’s health, especially when there are more obvious signs such as breakage, clouding, or flaking. However, interaction with the environment can create several harmful interferences. For this reason, the term “detoxification” has been used to promote the purification and regeneration of the hair fiber and scalp, eliminating or reducing impurities that can silently damage the hair and promoting health and well-being from root to tip .

    Contaminants that can affect hair and scalp health include: copper and iron from old metal pipes in the water supply system; Calcium and magnesium salts in high concentrations in the composition of hard water; copper in algaecides used in swimming pools; and particles containing metals and other chemical elements from air pollution.

    Many of these sources, such as calcium, magnesium, copper and iron, can adversely affect the performance of cosmetic treatments by reducing the deposition of conditioning agents and catalyzing the formation of free radicals and promoting internal damage to the hair fiber.

    These changes can reach molecular or nanostructural levels, implying silent changes in the structures of proteins and lipids. This degrades lipids and proteins and functionally alters DNA, which manifests itself in macrostructural or visual changes such as cuticle elevation, breakage, and loss, rough hair feel, and decreased shine, which can lead to exposure of the cortex region, increasing the likelihood of a splitting is increased. The greater the damage to the protein structure, the lower the mechanical strength of the hair fiber, which can lead to breakage, which is perceived as hair loss with the environment, such as: B. Copper in swimming pools. UV radiation or even particulate matter from pollution can cause even more serious problems, such as: B. the change of white or blond hair to a greenish tint; altered integrity of scalp barrier function; increased likelihood of sensitivity or inflammatory processes; and formation of reactive oxygen species, affecting skin/scalp health through lipid peroxidation and protein carbonylation, resulting in irreversible cellular damage from damaged DNA.

    Polluout Detox restores hair health

    Recognizing that both hair and scalp can suffer from so-called “invisible” disorders that trigger visible changes, Chemyunion has developed Polluout Detox, a hair-active cosmetic ingredient with detoxifying effects, to treat the hair’s health and well-being from the root restore to the top. With a synergistic combination of polydentate polymer chelating agent, sodium polyitaconate, alpha hydroxy acid derived chelating agent, sodium citrate and Sapindus mukorossi fruit extract biosurfactant, Polluout Detox is designed to remove harmful particles and disorders from the hair and scalp such as: Magnesium, copper and other pollutants while improving shine, manageability and treatment effectiveness, protecting and revitalizing the hair’s DNA from the source.

    Polluout Detox has a synergistic action between the ingredients and works in three simultaneous steps to promote cleansing and regeneration of the hair fiber and scalp – eliminating or reducing impurities that cause silent damage and promoting health and well-being from root to tip .

    The Sapindus mukorossi fruit extract is part of the composition of Polluout Detox. It contains a

    Complex mixture of saponins that act as emulsifiers and reduce the liquid/solid or liquid/liquid interfacial tension, thereby emulsifying the sebum or particles removed from the hair and scalp.

    Polluout Detox had a lower number of particles compared to the other groups tested, indicating better effectiveness in removing harmful particles.


    Polluout Detox offers the following benefits:

    • Chelating action to remove up to 98.11% calcium, 95.83% magnesium and 93.3% copper from the hair;

    • In shampoos, reduction of calcium by 38% and copper by 57.7% in the hair;

    • Retains hair shine after exposure to hard water and reverses damage by up to 100%;

    • Removal of green color from hair exposed to pool water (CuSO4) from day one;

    • Improved efficiency of the coloring process of hair exposed to Cu+2, Ca+2 and Mg+2 ions;

    • Efficient removal of harmful substances from hair fibers up to 18.2%;

    • Up to twice the strength of hair fibers exposed to Cu+2 ions combined with UVA/B radiation;

    • Protection of skin DNA from exposure to Cu+2 ions; And

    • Soothing effect on the scalp by reducing IL-6 synthesis by up to 17%

  • Hatchett: Take the F1 route to accelerate vaccines: CEPI CEO Dr. Richard Hatchett | Hyderabad News

    HYDERABAD: Advanced technology may have helped vaccine makers reduce the time to develop Covid-19 vaccines from 5 years to 350 days, but there is an urgent need to reduce timelines to under 100 days by ingestion formula 1 Approach to Vaccine Development, Dr Richard HatchettCEO, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), said here on Thursday.
    dr Hatchett gave a plenary address on the first day of BioAsia 2023 and pointed out that just as with Formula 1 racing, the pit stop time for race cars has been reduced by 97% from around a minute in 1950 to just 2 seconds in 2021 Vaccine development process can be significantly accelerated.

    Capture (10)

    Advocating a collaborative “One Health” approach to accelerating vaccine development to combat future pandemics, he said: “CEPI envisions the world working together to achieve dynamic preparedness before the next disease threatens to overwhelm us.”
    “We need to be able to develop vaccines within 100 days if we want to stop a pandemic. To do this, we need a paradigm shift and focus on significant systematic investments in preparedness by creating a vaccine library and solving problems of vaccine development for different virus families,” he said.
    “We also need to focus on operational excellence. When a new virus emerges, we need to be able to start preparations for new vaccines from day one. We need to be able to start clinical trials by day 30. We need to be able to complete combined phase 1 and phase 2 studies within 60 days (day 90),” he explained.
    Here he pointed out that CEPI, with the support of G7 and G20 leaders, has already begun a “100-day mission to prepare the world to accelerate vaccine development timelines and end pandemics forever.”
    As part of this, CEPI proposed the development of a global library of prototype vaccines that would serve as templates for developing new vaccines should a new virus emerge.
    “There are approximately 270 viruses known to cause disease in humans. All are from 25-27 virus families. For some virus families like smallpox, we have the smallpox vaccine that protects against all known smallpox viruses, which was also used during the monkeypox outbreak,” said Dr. Hatchett.
    “We don’t know when or where the next disease X will break out, but we do know it’s coming sooner or later, and we can be sure that at some point there will be closer interactions between animals, birds and humans that we will get to grips with.” have to get used to as we learn to live with this new era of infectious diseases and epidemics linked to climate change,” said Dr Hatchett.


  • Motor Racing – New all-female F1 Academy series in support of the US Grand Prix

    According to a seven-round, 21-race calendar released on Thursday, Formula 1’s new all-female Academy series will be part of the supporting program for the US Grand Prix in Austin next October. The six other routes used are Austria’s Spielberg in April, Spain’s Valencia and Barcelona in May, Zandvoort in the Netherlands in June and Italy’s Monza and France’s Le Castellet in July.

    There will then be a long break before the finals in Texas to have cars and equipment transported by ship to save on logistics costs. The five three-driver teams will be managed by teams currently competing in Formula 2 and Formula 3.

    Drivers must be at least 16 years old and each bring €150,000 (US$159,225) in funding, with Formula 1 matching this amount and teams providing the remainder of the budget. The first and third races of each weekend last half an hour and the second race lasts 20 minutes.

    “Our goal was to be able to race on as many Formula 1 Grand Prix circuits as possible, with circuits that could pose a great challenge for the drivers,” said Bruno Michel, General Manager of F1 Academy. “The teams know these facilities very well so that they can quickly help their young talents to find their way around.”

    The aim of the series is to help young women climb the motorsport ladder. No female driver has started a Grand Prix since the late Italian Lella Lombardi in 1976.

    (This story has not been edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


  • Motorsport Tost says Tsunoda needs to score more points this season

    AlphaTauri showed off its new Formula 1 car livery on Saturday, with Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda leaving no doubt as to what the Red Bull-owned team has in store for him this season. Tsunoda will begin his third year with the Italy-based team, which unveiled during Fashion Week at New York’s Lincoln Center to promote the energy drink company’s apparel brand.

    “Last year Yuki had problems with the car,” said AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost in a press release on the digital unveiling of the AT04 car. “I expect we’ll have a pretty competitive car this year and Yuki always has to aim to be in qualifying 3 (the final stage) and finish the races in the points.

    “He is a very accomplished driver and has a lot of experience now with two seasons in Formula 1. Of course, for that he needs to score a lot more points than last year.” Tsunoda scored 12 points from 22 races, while his French team-mate Pierre Gasly bagged 23 points.

    In 2021, Tsunoda scored 32 points to Gasly’s 110. The 22-year-old Japanese said he’s worked hard on his physical condition over the past season and has regained confidence that had waned in 2021.

    He is now working alongside Australian Daniel Ricciardo’s old coach Michael Italiano and attending a winter training camp in Dubai. “I’m on a whole different level now,” Tsunoda said.

    “I definitely have more control, I’m more involved with the team when it comes to developing the car and I also approach things differently as I’ve learned many things, not only in racing but also in my life off the track . “I underestimated what it was all about, but now I’ve figured out what’s really important.”

    Gasly has since switched to Renault-owned Alpine, being replaced by Dutch driver Nyck de Vries, who is far more experienced than the average rookie. The 28-year-old scored on his debut as a substitute for Williams at Monza last season and won the 2021 electric Formula E Championship.

    AlphaTauri was ninth of the 10 teams in 2022, compared to sixth in 2021. Tost, now the second longest-serving F1 team boss after Red Bull’s Christian Horner, said he expected the field to draw closer together this season and De Vries no time to waste gonna get up to speed.

    The season starts in Bahrain on March 5th.

    (This story has not been edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


  • Motorsport Ben Sulayem to step down from daily F1 involvement

    FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has told Formula 1 team bosses he will withdraw from the day-to-day running of the sport and instead place it in the hands of professional managers. Wednesday’s announcement comes after recent controversy sparked by Emirati, 61, who has served on the Paris-based governing body since late 2021.

    TV channels BBC and Sky Sports quoted Ben Sulayem in a letter to the 10 teams detailing the changes. “My stated goal was to become a non-executive president through the recruitment of a team of professional managers, which is now largely complete,” he said.

    “Therefore your day-to-day contact for all matters in Formula 1 going forward will be with (head of single-seater racing) Nikolas (Tombazis) and his team, while I will focus on strategic matters with my management team.” The FIA ​​quit announced changes to their Formula 1 structure last month, with Steve Nielsen, who has decades of experience with various teams, joining as sporting director from the commercial rights holder.

    Tim Goss, a former McLaren technical director, rose from deputy technical director at the FIA ​​to succeed Tombazis. Francois Sicard, previously Sports Director, has been given a new role as Head of Formula 1 Strategy and Operations, responsible for long-term strategic planning and key circuit activities and logistics.

    The FIA ​​​​has also appointed American Natalie Robyn as Managing Director. Relations between Formula 1 and the FIA ​​have frayed during Ben Sulayem’s presidency on issues ranging from sprint races to restrictions on drivers making ‘political’ statements and his support for an 11th team.

    Formula 1’s top lawyer sent an extraordinary letter to the FIA ​​last month, in which he accused Ben Sulayem of interfering in the commercial rights “in an unacceptable manner” after he challenged an assessment. Decades-old sexist comments attributed to Ben Sulayem also recently surfaced in the media, from an old personal website that had been archived.

    The season starts in Bahrain on March 5th.

    (This story has not been edited by Devdiscourse staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


  • Lewis Hamilton returns to the track ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season

    Mercedes are in France at Paul Ricard’s circuit to test Pirelli’s new tire compounds ahead of the 2023 Formula 1 season; the test sees Lewis Hamilton and George Russell back in the W13, which caused problems in the 2022 season; the W14 starts on February 15th

    Last updated: 02/02/23 17:34

    Hamilton was back in the W13 as Mercedes tested Pirelli's new tires for the 2023 season

    Hamilton was back in the W13 as Mercedes tested Pirelli’s new tires for the 2023 season

    Lewis Hamilton returned to the track for the first time in 2023 ahead of the new Formula 1 season.

    Hamilton and George Russell met their Mercedes team for the first time this year at the Paul Ricard circuit in France to test Pirelli’s tire compounds for the new season. Russell took to the track on Wednesday before Hamilton had his chance on Thursday.

    Testing saw both drivers back in the W13 car, which caused major problems for the pair throughout the season as seven-time world champion Hamilton failed to record a single win as he struggled with significant speed and porpoise problems.

    It will be the penultimate time Hamilton will have to drive the W13, with Mercedes announcing a February 15 launch date for the car, which they hope will get them back on track for the title.

    The Silver Arrows, whose historic streak of eight consecutive Constructors’ Championships ended last year, will unveil their new W14 car online, while there will also be interviews with Hamilton and Russell.

    The team says it will go ‘all in’ in 2023 and Hamilton is hoping the W14 is the car that can put him back on track and on track for a record eighth title.

    Struggling to get along with the car, Hamilton was outperformed by Russell in an impressive debut season with his new team, securing a maiden Grand Prix win at Sao Paulo and becoming only the third Hamilton team-mate to finish above him in the Championship.

    However, Hamilton’s former team-mate, Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas, who never managed to surpass him during his time at Mercedes, believes such a result is more down to the machinery than Hamilton’s driving.

    Valtteri Bottas shares his thoughts on former Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton over the past season and Craig Slater reflects on the debate surrounding Alfa Romeo's future.

    Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

    Valtteri Bottas shares his thoughts on former Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton over the past season and Craig Slater reflects on the debate surrounding Alfa Romeo’s future.

    Valtteri Bottas shares his thoughts on former Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton over the past season and Craig Slater reflects on the debate surrounding Alfa Romeo’s future.

    “I think it was an off-season without a doubt. They fought massively with the car at the beginning,” said Bottas.

    “Even we surpassed them at times and it seemed Lewis wasn’t comfortable in the first half (of the season) and was definitely faster in the second half, but let’s see.”

    Mercedes aren’t the only team to return to the track, with Oscar Piastri getting his first real taste of a McLaren at Barcelona.


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