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Sturdy laptop tables to help you work from the comfort of your home

Bed-Laptop-Desk: Working in an uncomfortable position for more than two hours a day causes a variety of health problems, including muscle tension, neck pain, and upper back pain. A laptop table is an essential tool for your desk setup in this work-from-home trend. This allows you to work more productively and longer without endangering your health.

With a Laptop bed stand or table, you can easily find a comfortable position for your wrist, neck, and eyes. If you spend a lot of time on your laptop, this is an investment to make. These stands can also improve your writing posture.

So here are some options to consider before buying a bedside laptop table:

OFIXO multipurpose laptop table

laptop table

This Ofixo wooden laptop table offers you both comfort and stability. This table can be easily placed on any surface to provide a platform for the laptop, whether it’s your couch or your bed. The foldable laptop table does not need to be moved and can be used immediately after unfolding. You can relax and work, watch your favorite series and also read books. Laptop table price: Rs 659.

MemeHo® Smart Standard multipurpose laptop table

laptop table

This multi-purpose portable laptop table can be taken anywhere to provide you with an ergonomic workspace anywhere. The table top is made of Engineered Wood, which is strong enough to support your heavy laptop. The table legs are made of aluminum alloy, which makes the table strong but light. You can use this table for multiple purposes, e.g. B. as a laptop, dining tray, standing desk, writing books and much more. The table also has an integrated iPad stand groove for holding an iPad, smartphone or Kindle. Laptop desk price: Rs 697.

Callas Multi-Purpose Folding Laptop Table with Cup Holder

laptop table

This Callas laptop table is all about comfort and relaxation. Ergonomically designed to match the natural movement of your arm and wrist. It is an excellent solution for those who spend all day in front of a computer. All sizes of laptops and phones easily fit on this table. The anti-slip sponge keeps your laptop safe and offers you comfort and stability when using it. Laptop table price: Rs 699.

Portronics My Buddy plus Adjustable Laptop Cooling Table

laptop table

Anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable laptop table will definitely swear by Portronics. Aside from placing a laptop, it can be used for various tasks. To protect your laptop from overheating, it features a cooling and silent 1800RPM fan speed. Laptop desk price: Rs 2049.

STRIFF laptop stand

laptop table

The Striff Laptop Stand is made entirely of high quality aluminium. The lightweight and portable feature helps you open and close the stand in a snap. It can also be used for multi-purpose such as cell phones, iPad and books. It can help you adjust the angle of your laptop to reduce screen glare and protect your eye health. Laptop table price: Rs 499.

Bed Laptop Table: Why Should You Use It?

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