Streamer AndrewTateLive had to change Twitch username after Andrew Tate controversy

A Twitch streamer named AndrewTateLive was forced to change his username after viewers kept mistaking his channel for that of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate. The British-American kickboxer was in the news recently after the streaming community called him out about her misogynist views.

Meanwhile, Andrew Tate’s namesake, AndrewTateLive, is a relatively minor Twitch streamer who went live on the stream to express his dissatisfaction. He called out the other Tate in a clip aptly titled “The Real Andrew Tate” and said:

“Motherf***** ruined my name!”

The infamous kickboxer-turned-recently-turned-“motivational speaker” made his mark in the Twitch streaming community after getting into a fight with Twitch star Felix “xQc” during a livestream hosted by Adin Ross. Tate’s back and forth with the juicer and his views on women have been the subject of much debate and even went viral on various platforms.

Social media outcry has now forced AndrewTateLive to change his Twitch username.

AndrewTateLive is changing his username after people mistook him for the infamous Andrew Tate on his Twitch channel

AndrewTateLive is not a well-known streamer on Twitch. The variety show streamer plays popular games like Fortnite and Super Mario Maker 2 and hosts the Let’s Not Meet podcast. He was visibly upset at having to change his Twitch ID as the streamer had previously used his own name.

The streamer has several other podcasts under his belt and has over 2.2k followers on Twitch. This is how he describes himself in the About Me section of his Twitch channel:

“I’m Andrew Tate. I host Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast, Odd Trails, The Old Time Radiocast and creator of Cryptic County Podcasts.”

The streamer is also on Twitter, where he tweets @letsnotmeetcast. He tweeted on July 17:

“Unfortunately Twitch is full of misogynist, worshiping trolls, so I made the decision to change my username there. Luckily my mods were good at banning as this asshole popped up online recently. The new name is in my bio. I just used my podcast network name.”

On the other hand, Andrew Tate, a British-American millionaire, made his name in kickboxing in the UK. He even starred in the famous TV show Big Brother before his scandalous exit via an adult video. Tate has been permanently banned from Twitter for his highly problematic views on rape culture and is under investigation by Romanian authorities for human trafficking.

With such an infamous track record, it makes sense that AndrewTateLive would want to distance themselves from the name. Especially after his appearance on one of the biggest Twitch channels went viral a few days ago. The streamer knew he needed to change his name and wondered what he could do live on stream:

“What name would be good?”

After thinking in silence for some time, Andrew couldn’t contain his anger. The streamer didn’t mince words about his namesake, dissing him for ruining “my name”:

“He ruined my name. That motherf***** ruined my name.”

Andrew Tate, the streamer, was obviously not happy with developments and asked the chat for help with a sad smile on his face:

“Any suggestions?”

Reddit reacts to AndrewTateLive’s name change

Andrew’s dilemma was a featured post on the streamer subreddit LiveStreamFail. The users reacted to the incident with some pity for the streamer, who now has to change his name. Others pointed out how detrimental it could be to his streaming career.

Some wondered why he decided to change the name and not capitalize on the fact that it would attract new followers. Most people understood the impetus behind the name change:

Andrew Tate is a TikTok celebrity and reportedly a huge influence on GreekGodx. His toxic masculinism and views on women have been criticized by many streamers including xQc, HasanAbi and TrainwrecksTV. xQc and Train even discussed how Greekgodx’s recent streak could be attributed to Tate’s clips and TikToks.

Speaking about Tate on a recent stream, HasanAbi called him a “sex trafficker who evades the law in Romania”. He and other streamers have discussed the dangers of spreading such hateful opinions on large platforms like Twitch, where individuals can influence large audiences.

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