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Stranger Things 4 and up

For those looking forward to the last week of May and pondering what will be released in week 4 of May 2022, counting on the latest releases and ending the month with fun and frolic at the cinemas, this article is accurate the right thing for you. The entire month of May was filled with many exciting releases, starting with candy toward Hulu The Essex Serpent on AppleTV. For the last week we have Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar taking the lead with the release of two highly anticipated titles.

Here’s a list of everything you can see in the last week of May. So stop by and tag your favourites!

What’s Coming to Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar & Other Digital Platforms in Week 4 of May 2022 (May 23 – May 31)

23. May

Godspeed – Netflix

A Turkish drama about a former army captain who travels to prevent his friend’s mistress from marrying another man.

Welcome to Wedding Hell – Netflix

Netflix’s latest kdrama follows how wedding preparations plunge a couple into a never-ending battle.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife Episode 2 – HBO Max

The second episode of the latest drama from HBO Max.

May 24th

Ricky Gervais: Supernature – Netflix

Netflix’s latest stand-up comedy starring Ricky Gervais.

25. May

Green Moms Club Episode 15 – Netflix

The penultimate episode of the Netflix kdrama.

Obi Wan Kenobi – Disney+ Hotstar

The latest television series in the Star Wars franchise.

May 26

Green Moms Club Episode 16 – Netflix

The final episode of the Netflix kdrama

The Staircase Episode 6 – HBO Max

The sixth episode of HBO’s crime drama miniseries featuring a truce.

The Season 2 Finale of Flight Attendant – HBO Max

The eighth episode marks the end of The Flight Attendant season two.

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6 – Hulu

The sixth installment in Hulu’s newest true crime drama series.

The Kardashians Episode 8 – Hulu

Towards the end, the eighth episode of Hulu’s reality series will be available.

May 27th

Stranger Things 4 Volume I – Netflix

The fan-favorite Netflix fantasy and sci-fi series returns for a fourth season.

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Mahabharat Murders 1- Hoichoi

Fast becoming a fan favorite, Hoichoi’s latest Bengali web series comes out with another installment.

Kedibone – Netflix

A South African drama about an aspiring actor who must face the consequences of dreaming of being the ‘It Girl’.

28th of May

My Liberation Notes Episode 15 – Netflix

The penultimate episode of Netflix’s popular K-Drama

Our Blues Episode 15 – Netflix

The fifteenth episode of Netflix’s romantic drama.

May 29th

My Liberation Notes Episode 16 – Netflix

The finale of Netflix’s fan-favorite drama.

Our Blues Episode 16 – Netflix

The sixteenth episode of Netflix’s romantic K-drama.

30th May

Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special – Netflix

Netflix end-of-the-month special starring Norm Macdonald.

The Time Traveler’s Wife Episode 3 – HBO Max

The third episode of the latest HBO drama.

The list will be updated with new announcements

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