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Bloody murder and bloodshed aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of Christmas. There is nothing sweet or magical about such reflections. However, winter wonderland settings and sugary themes are no longer the only things that inspire hilarity. Things have changed with the advent of the festive slasher. And who says change isn’t good?

Bob Clark changed the game with his 1974 film Black Christmas. Clark’s film was not only a new artistic adaptation for vacation films, it was in many ways a predecessor. Some might not know much about Clark’s vacation slasher as it’s not for everyone. But in fact, moviegoers are familiar with Clark’s other Christmas favorites, making the director a true pioneer in creating Christmas classics across genres. Clark was also known for his other Christmas classic, a Christmas Story with Peter Billingsley as the unforgettable Ralphie.


Nevertheless, the director’s rendition of Black Christmas would establish a genre of gory festive entertainment for years to come. And over the years, the holidays haven’t been without a few festive slashers, including Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa’s Slay, Krampus, Don’t Open Till Christmasand saints. And with the continuous development of such content, it is undeniable that this niche genre has a huge following. And as a highlight for those fans, there’s news of the release of the latest holiday hack and slash. Fans can now rejoice that there is another film to pique their interest, Christmas Bloody Christmas.

In just a few days, viewers will be able to catch Santa Claus in a frenzy with his brand new bag. Unfortunately, this Santa Claus is a little far from the North Pole. And certainly, he’s not a jolly old elf. And viewers shouldn’t expect to see the plump cheerleader. This “neo-soaked” metal Claus slices his way through his victims. Here’s what viewers can expect who want to see Santa Claus in a whole new holiday landscape.

Christmas Bloody Christmas: The Storyline

Christmas Bloody Christmas is the story of a robotic Santa Claus with an unstoppable desire to suck blood. Unfortunately, a young record store owner finds out that this Christmas is going to be particularly tough. And there are so many lessons to be learned in one fateful night. Not all surprises are great, and holiday magic can sometimes go haywire. But most importantly, the best plans often have to be thrown out of whack.

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Because what is reminiscent of a bad nightmare, the Robo Santa of a nearby shop comes to life and intends to kill everything in sight. Now it’s up to Tori to bring Santa down, although it’s the last thing she wants to do. As the synopsis states, “She is forced into a fight for survival.”

Christmas Bloody Christmas: The Cast & Crew

Christmas Bloody Christmas
RLJE films

The cast consists of a few recognizable names, but also some fresher faces, giving viewers something to look forward to. Riley Dandy will play the title character, Toni Tooms. Abraham Benrubi, whom many may recognize from his role in him Bosch B. Rodney Belk or his variable voice-over projects playing the dear robot Saint Nick. Jeff Daniel Phillips of The Muenster and western world will follow in Sheriff Monroe’s footsteps. Jeffrey Gardner fills the role of Monroe’s colleague, Officer Smith. Other cast members include Sam Delich, Jonah Ray and Dora Madison.

Joe Begos is the writer, producer and director of the film. This project marks the fifth of his full-feature works that he has had the privilege of directing. and Christmas Bloody Christmas follows the release of his action horror film in 2019 VFW. Begos is not unlike other creatives who have followed their passion to the box office. And he’s not shy about sharing the things that have ignited his dreams since he was young. In fact, the upcoming release of his inspired work is making creatives dizzy. Christmas Bloody Christmas is a dream come true for the passionate creator.

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As the director said of Bloody Disgusting:

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve dreamed of making a wacky holiday horror movie like no other. And that dream extends to an uncompromising killer robot movie as well. But I never thought I could make them the same movie.”

It honestly reads like a horror nerd’s dream. Hopefully that’s how it plays out.

release date

Christmas Bloody Christmas Robot Santa
RLJE films

Christmas Bloody Christmas is scheduled to debut on December 9, 2022. However, it will only be shown in selected cinemas. Viewers who prefer to see a good-for-nothing Saint Nick make it to the big screen, check out the local listings to catch the action near you. However, if you want to watch the flick from the comfort of your own home, there’s no need to worry. The holiday horror will also premiere on Shudder at the same time.

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