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We live in exciting times! If not so many years ago a film with famous and talented actors, actors who enjoy incredible popularity, takes place in many countries and was a funny comedy, an adventure, we would be bombarded with advertising and many other ways to promote it. But in recent years they’ve gone straight to streaming, instantly available on our screens with no extra charges in an effort by streaming services to fight their endless streaming wars. Of course we enjoy watching them without having to pay more, but as we said at the beginning, exciting times!

Kevin Hart continues his successful collaboration with Netflix. We have enjoyed many fruits of their labor, films like My time And Toronto man with his frequent collaborator The Rock and comedy specials like Kevin Hart: What Now?, Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, And Kevin Hart: Irresponsible. The table of contents will grow with you in a few months Elevator. We’re familiar with the work of Netflix and Kevin Hart, so viewers have an idea of ​​what to expect. We’re pretty optimistic that the quality level will remain the same as before, with some laughs, adventure, a little heart and an afternoon well spent. Unfortunately, there is not much information about this film yet. Here is all the information we could find.


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Netflix’s Lift: The Storyline

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Being a master thief is not an easy life. Sure, movies have taught us that it’s about the thrills of the heist, the huge sums of money, and the big life, but when an ex-lover convinces you to follow him on a huge heist, $100 million in gold on a 777 -Passenger flight transported. This work must be done because its completion will prevent a terrorist attack! It seems like an impossible mission, but we’ll see if the diverse crew can pull it off in this film that takes us to many countries, from London to Zurich.

Netflix’s Lift: The Cast

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Kevin Hart brings all his charm and talent to the film’s protagonist. He has an enormous body of work, including adventure comedies like that jumanji Movies starring The Rock, Karen Gillan and Jack Black and dark comedies like get strong with Will Ferrell, and just his presence is like a seal of approval. With him we have veteran actor Jean Reno. The French actor rose to international fame after the film leon 1994 with young Natalie Portman, but has been in countless other films such as Pink Panther, Bronx, Le Grand Bleu, and so many more. Also appearing in the film is Jacob Batalon, famous for his role as Ned in Marvel’s Spiderman movies. Another actor who’s been gaining popularity lately through Marvel’s projects is Vincent D’Onofrio, who plays The Kingpin on Netflix daredevil and more recently at Marvel’s hawk eye.

Joining the film’s cast is Sam Worthington (Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water, Terminator: Salvation), Gugu Mbata Raw (Summerland, Beyond the Lights, Beauty and the Beast), Ursula Corbero (GI Joe: Snake Eyes, La Casa de Papel), Billy Magnussen (Game Night, No Time To Die, The Many Saints of Newark), Sam Worthington (Wrath of the Titans, Fractured, Terminator Salvation) Burn Gorman (Watcher, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Crimson Peak), Yun Jee Kim (Welcome to the Guest House, Roadkill, Tumbleweed), Viveik Kaira (Traveler, three months, blinded by the lights) and Paul Anderson (In the Heart of the Sea, Peaky Blinders, The Revenant).

Leremy Doner and Dan Kunka wrote the film. It is directed by F. Gary Gray who has created many music videos for artists such as Outkast, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube has shot, but also films like the eighth part of the Fast & the Furious Franchise, the fate of the angry 2015 Direct from Compton2009 Law abiding citizenand many more.

Netflix’s Lift release date

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Lift will be released direct-to-stream on Netflix later this year on August 25th.

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Heist movies can be a lot of fun, even if they get a bit formulaic. It’s always exciting to see a well-orchestrated, complicated plan being executed. Another excellent feature of these movies is that they usually have a huge cast with many different and talented actors. Half the joy they bring is watching them interact and play out each other’s roles. After all, a criminal’s life is so exciting, but we don’t like to see people get hurt, but robbery criminals are more of a Robin Hood type, so we can enjoy their cruelty-free work! Lift seems to tick all the necessary boxes to be one of the best in the genre. We’ll be traveling across Europe, taking us there with Kevin Hart’s unique style.


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