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Steve Haskin’s Shadow Dancer has been selected for a film adaptation by DreamBooks Media Professionals


Released March 16, 2023

Written by Steve Haskin, Shadow Dancer has been selected for a film adaptation by DreamBooks Media Professionals.

The story of Shadow Dancer is about a purebred, all black and all Arabian horse named Shadow Dancer. Cody Lang, her owner, learns that a murder has occurred on his property, and Donna Louise Stattler, whose black hair band Cody found among the dead, is the prime suspect. Shadow Dancer is what Donna Louise wants and she will stop at nothing to get it.

DreamBooks Media Professionals LLC is a community of dedicated marketers based in Texas. Each expert is equally committed to providing guaranteed satisfaction to the writers. They strive to provide authors with the resources and world-class services they need to realize their literary ambitions. By collaborating and supporting writers at every stage of the process, they help writers realize their ideas by directing them to the appropriate market and investors. For a very affordable fee, Dreambooks Media Professionals provides all the necessary resources and the right expert to get the job done on their behalf.

“We send submissions in different genres to different film companies on a quarterly basis. It helps reach a wider audience and share the story with the target audience,” said a company spokesman.

Book Summary:

When an FBI agent, Carol Flynn, hears the name Stattler while visiting the small hamlet of Clark, Montana to investigate the murder, she is amazed. The Stattler brothers are considered to be Montana’s main methamphetamine suppliers. Agent Flynn stalks the Stattlers, and Shadow Dancer, into whose spirit we step, watches as everything builds to an explosive conclusion on the Fourth of July.

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About Steve Hasking, Author of the book – Shadow Dancer:

Steve Haskin holds an MFA in Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul. He began his studies at The Loft, a writing school in Minneapolis founded by Robert Bly. His first novel, Shadow Dancer, is the story of a young man who inherits a ranch in Montana and an incredible horse, Shadow Dancer. Steve has written three unpublished novels: Luther’s Angel, Devil’s Track and Keeper of the Sword. He has written many short stories and hundreds of poems. As a musician, Steve has been playing the guitar since he was twelve. He has produced four CDs of original music, Boundary Waters, Mississippi Goin’ By, Autumn Road and Avenue B. Steve now resides in Austin, TX where he is the guitarist for a jazz singing group – The Songbirds, also known as the Austin Songbirds, and he is Guitarist in the Rio Trio with Rockstar flautist Sarah Jane Hargis.

Watch the Shadow Dancer video trailer on YouTube:

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