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Stephen King Says Netflix’s Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Adaptation ‘Brilliant’

With seemingly a hundred different adaptations of Stephen King novels released each year, it’s worth noting when the author himself actually has something nice to say about one of them. Netflix will release its feature film version of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, based on the King novella, later this year. King announced on Twitter that he’s seen a near-complete version of the adaptation and has high praise for what writer/director John Lee Hancock was able to achieve.

King tweeted, “I have a nearly finished cut from MR. HARRIGAN’S PHONE seen, written and directed by John Lee Hancock and it’s just brilliant. Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell. Netflix. This fall.” As King mentioned, IT and knife out Star Jaeden Martell makes a co-star appearance in the film Invasion of the Body Snatchers‘ star Donald Sutherland, who will play the title character. Mr. Harrigan’s phone was produced by Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy.

Published as part of when it bleeds collection of novellas, Mr. Harrigan’s phone follows a young boy in Maine who befriends the retired and titular Mr. Harrigan, doing household chores for him into his teens and eventually buying him a smartphone. After Mr. Harrigan dies, he puts his phone in his pocket before the funeral and receives a mysterious reply after leaving a voicemail for him one night. Blumhouse Television’s Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold also produced the film adaptation, along with Scott Greenberg.

Mr. Harrigan’s phone marks the latest Stephen King adaptation by Blumhouse, which recently launched a Firestarter reboot. Blumhouse is also working on an adaptation of The breathing method out Creepy Director Scott Derrickson. But if Jason Blum had his way, he’d tell us more about an adaptation he’s dying to do.

“We didn’t get it, but I’d love to do it The death zone. That would be cool, kinda rebooting that would be cool,” Blum confirmed to ComicBook.com in a previous interview. “We don’t have it, I know we don’t have it. It’s sad we don’t have it, but we don’t have it.”

Unlike other Stephen King books where their rights are snatched away for common adaptation, when it bleeds had the rights to all four stories, which were split between multiple parties, although Netflix will host three of them. In addition to Mr. Harrigan’s phonethe history rat was picked up by Ben Stiller, who appears to be producing, directing and starring; and The Life of Chuck was picked up by Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa, currently attached for the production of the adaptation only. The cover story “If It Bleeds” has apparently not yet been chosen by a production company.

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