Steam: How to remove a game from the Steam library

Steam offers thousands of games, so chances are you’ve found at least one that you don’t like – so how do you remove a game from the Steam library?

Uninstalling a game on Steam is easy, but if you got a game from a mystery key or bundle deal that you just didn’t want to keep in the first place, removing the game entirely from your Steam account is a bit more complicated.

Luckily, it’s possible to remove a game from the Steam library if necessary, and if it’s a free game you want to get rid of, the process is even more convenient for you. Now let’s get into that.

How to remove a game from the Steam library

To begin removing a game from the Steam library, you must first go to the Steam support website. Don’t worry, you don’t need to speak to support staff for this, it’s an automated process. However, if you’re trying to remove a free-to-play game like Apex Legends or Warframe, you should skip to the next section and use this method instead.

From the support site, select “games, software, etc‘. After that, you need to find the game that you want to remove from your Steam library. If you’ve recently added it to your account, it should be at the top. Otherwise, you must enter the game name in the search box.

Found the game you want to get rid of? Then you are almost done. You reach a new menu after selecting a game on the last screen where a few different options and game reception details are visible. The bottom option “I want to permanently remove this game from my account” allows you to do what you came here to do.

Confirmation screen to remove a game from the Steam library
Image credits: Steam, TheClick.GG

Pressing that final button will take you to the screen shown above, which will give you a final prompt to confirm the decision to remove the game from your Steam library and will be generally visible in your account.

Note that I say universally visible. If you later return to this page, you can re-add any games you removed this way via a newly available “It’s not in my library” button.

The easier way to remove a free-to-play game from the Steam library

If you’re trying to get rid of a game that was added to your account via a free-to-play license and not a game that you normally have to pay for, there is an easier way to remove them.

Go to the library section of your Steam account, right click on the name of the game you want to remove, then mouse over the “Manage” button. From here, all you have to do is select “Remove from Account” and the game will be immediately removed from your library.

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As a free-to-play game, anything removed from the Steam store pages in this way can be instantly added back later if you change your mind. This process is only really useful if you don’t want to see them in your Steam library screen anymore.

Those are both methods to remove a game from Steam library that you can quickly do yourself. If you’re still having issues that mean these methods aren’t working for you, you might want to see if you can contact Steam Support separately and request help removing a game from the Steam library instead.


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