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The TechCrunch Podcast

Episode 4: The battle for BNPL buyers and other TC news

Welcome back to the TechCrunch Podcast, where you’ll hear everything you need to know about this week’s top tech stories from the people who wrote them. This week our host, Managing Editor Darrell Etherington, joins Mary Ann Azevedo to talk about the partnership between two fintech giants, Affirm and Stripe, and what that means for competitors, and Brian Heater comes to give a preview of next week’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference admit. And as always, get a rundown of the week’s top news on TechCrunch.

Article from the episode:

Other news of the week:

chain reaction

Episode 9: a16z VC on Crypto Criticism and Her $4.5B Bet (with Sriram Krishnan)

Welcome back, this week Lucas and Anita discuss the investor drama blockchain startups faced during the market crash and the most important piece of crypto legislation that just went live in the US Senate. In their interview this week, Anita and Lucas chat with Sriram Krishnan. Krishnan is General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), which he joined after a trifecta of senior positions at Twitter, Facebook and Snap. Krishnan recently joined the crypto team at a16z, which recently launched a new $4.5 billion crypto mega-fund. We chatted to Krishnan about crypto controversies and opportunities in web3 social. Our interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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The TechCrunch Live Podcast

Episode 7: Building relationships between founders and investors and using grants to fund startups

Natel Energy and Breakthrough Energy Ventures finance radical start-ups that deal with climate change

Libby Wayman, partner at Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates climate investment firm), and Gia Schneider, co-founder and CEO of Natel Energy, join TechCrunch’s Matt Burns on this episode of TechCrunch Live. Gia Schneider brought a pitch deck that convinced investors like Breakthrough Energy Ventures. As she explains below, the company was far from an overnight success.

The project started in 2005 and the company was founded in 2009. Natel Energy sought government grants in the early days to fund development without adding to the company’s capital base. Libby Wayman explained in detail how startups can apply for and use funding. This is a process she recommends to companies like Natel Energy.

Eventually, as Natel Energy developed its technology and business, the company sought venture capital and won Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Hear how Natel Energy fits into Breakthrough’s investment thesis and what the company looks for when investing in companies.

TechCrunch Live records weekly on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. PDT.


Episode 61: Vivian Wang, landed

Landed Founder and CEO Vivian Wang is dedicated to connecting workers with quality employment opportunities. Landed takes care of the hiring process from recruiting to screening to arranging interviews and facilitating a feedback loop for the general managers to make their jobs more attractive. They also improve employees’ financial well-being by helping them advance once they get the job. In the episode, Vivian talks about how COVID has shown us all how important workers are, how underserved these workers are and how she plans to improve the experience in these jobs by helping them get paid faster access, build credit and reduce sales .

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Equity capital

Episode 526: This was written by a Twitter bot

The show is mostly closed this week, which means we haven’t covered our usual barrage of new startup news for you. But we didn’t want to leave you with nothing on this beautiful Friday, so we headed to the time machine to see what we could find.

The episode in today’s feed is the same episode we released almost exactly a year ago today (June 11, 2021) to give some flavor and context to what was going on a year ago. The idea was that we spent so much time talking about how 2022 will play out differently than 2021. So why not go back and show the difference?

The huge TAM of fake breaded chicken bits

We hope you enjoy our fun little experiment. The show returns to regular form on Monday.

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Episode 525: The first signs of upcoming layoffs at startups

This is our Wednesday show where we focus on a single topic, ponder a question and unpack the rest. With the team taking a break this week, we’ve decided to revisit an old but prescient episode from earlier this week. In February, Natasha and Alex asked: What can startups learn from the rise and current struggles of Hopin? What’s next for companies that have grown like weeds?

Hopin was one of the first tech companies to implement layoffs in 2022; and as we said at the time, while it’s perhaps a highly visible canary, it’s hardly the only startup that’s taken the economic disruptions of COVID-19 to new heights. Tell us how the episode has aged and whether you’re into team reckoning or team recorrection?

The market is changing. And while Hopin has grown rapidly in 2021, a host of companies that have thrived during COVID-19 are now resetting both internal and external expectations. New year, new market.

Episode 524: Sheryl Sandberg, Substack, and the Art of Still Raising Money for Groceries

This was another live week from the Equity crew, which means the outstanding Maria Annthe inimitable Natashaand the slightly fungible Alex all chatted in real time, thanks Gracefulness and Julio has the script and engineering to make it happen. And since we were live, we also took a little more time per story than usual, which was a lot of fun.

What did we come up with? A a lot of:

  • The end of an era: Sandberg steps down from the role of Meta COO.
  • Deals of the week: Affirm teams up with Stripe, Felt raises $15 million for cards and Astro proves fast grocery delivery is still a thing.
  • A new fund comes from a graduate of Precursor Ventures, a company we covered extensively on the podcast.
  • The latest from Substack, a startup we almost all use but wonder from a review perspective.
  • And we’ve wrapped up notes from our last Spotlight on Columbus, Ohio!

Equity is mostly out next week which means no Monday show and some pre-recorded stuff for the rest of the week. We will take a deep breath and come back with renewed energy. Hugs and chat soon!

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