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Start an Art Collection for a Loved One by Harold Joiner

Houston artist Harold Joiner poses with his original work Bonito by Air | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

In a special 8 part biweekly series created in collaboration with member artists at Archway Gallery in Montrose, we are pleased to present a selection of artist tips, recommendations and perspectives on connecting with art. beginningG your own collection, find affordable art, and more. In which seriesIn the sixth entry, Houston-based artist Harold Joiner shares tips on gifting friends and family with the perfect art collection starter piece.

Looking for a unique Christmas present for that person on your list who might not appreciate a new pair of socks or a new kitchen gadget?

Among all the gift ideas you will read about this holiday season, here is one that will absolutely stand out: give them a starter piece for an art collection.

Everyone appreciates some kind of art, so don’t think it’s impractical or risky. Embrace the idea that it’s a unique gift that no one else will give!

How to choose an art gift for a loved one

Now that you’ve decided to gift an art collection starter, here are a few points that will make shopping easier.

First, draw on what you know about your gift recipient’s interests and passions. Do you like fashion, interior design or cooking? Do you like nature, carpentry or photography? For one, the best art gift could be a drawing of the human figure, an abstract painting, or a beautiful piece of ceramics. On the other hand, it can be an animal sculpture, a landscape painting or a work made of wood.

Now think about what you know about your loved one’s home and how your purchase fits into it. Maybe you have an idea where it will look best or what space you want to fill.

Think about how much you are willing to spend and let us guide you to the places where you can start your search. Set a price range, but be flexible so you can find the perfect collection starter.

Lastly, consider your recipient’s ability—financially or otherwise—to continue collecting this type of work.

When presenting your gift, indicate that it is intended as an appetizer; something to build upon. You can even add a short personal note to that effect, expressing your wish to be informed of future additions to the collection.

Where to find and buy an art gift

You may be wondering, “There are so many galleries and other places that sell art, where do I start?”

That’s a reasonable question, so first check out local galleries online to see who are selling the type of work you’re looking for. Art-collecting.com is a good place to browse art gallery websites. Most art galleries do not list the prices of artworks online, but you can usually inquire about the price through the website. Additionally, look for venues with published prices – including our very own Archway Gallery.

Art gallery websites that sell direct make it easier for you to see how the works available fit within your price range and make the purchase the moment you spot the right piece. However, it is also a good idea to see the artwork in person before purchasing it. For example, you can see it in its frame, or look at all angles if it’s a three-dimensional piece like a sculpture.

Giving authentically

As this is an original work of art, you should insist on a certificate of authenticity when purchasing. Let the gallery know it’s a gift so the price doesn’t appear on the certificate.

Handing over the certificate with your gift underlines its uniqueness and the depth of your feelings for the recipient.

Archway Gallery, which has been highlighting local art and supporting Houston’s art community for 46 years, is the longest-running artist-owned gallery in Texas. Stop by the Montrose Gallery, meet an artist and learn about owning original local art. Schedule a visit to the gallery or find out more.

Harold Joiner is enjoying his tenth year as a member artist of Archway Gallery after a long career in architecture. His paintings are inspired by landscapes and historical locations, particularly his home state of New Mexico.

Learn more about Archway Gallery and explore current and upcoming exhibitions.

Local artist Harold Joiner poses with his original work Bonito in low light. | Photo courtesy of Archway Gallery

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