A transgender woman in the UK has been fired from Starbucks after she was caught on camera getting into a heated confrontation with a customer and allegedly fighting a man who filmed the incident.

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The man who recorded the incident in Southhampton last month can be heard saying the woman appeared to have said something “transphobic” to anger the employee.

“Never call me transphobic! Always! You don’t know me!” the customer yells at the Starbucks employee.

The transgender employee replied: “You call me a man, you’re transphobic Karen. Now get out.” The coffee shop clerk slapped the woman in the face and denied her refund request before dashing to the phone of a man who had filmed the incident.

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A Starbucks spokesman told Dan Wootton Tonight editor Ben Leo the employee no longer works at the company, but Hampshire Police do Investigations into assault due to the incident.

Meanwhile, three-time Olympian Inga Thompson has called on other cyclists to protest Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) policies that allowed trans athlete Austin Killips to win the Tour of the Gila overall category against biological women.

“It’s time for female cyclists to protest the @UCI_cycling Policy,” Thompson tweeted. “Start kneeling at the starting lines. Team managers need to speak up and protect their drivers. At every race, hold signs that say ‘Save Women’s Sport’.”

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In Ohio, a judge has acquitted a transgender woman of baring her penis in a YMCA women’s locker room, agreeing with the defendant that she is too fat to see the genitals.

Darren Glines, 31, now called Rachel, was found not guilty to three counts of indecent exposure at the Xenia, Ohio facility Daily mail reported.

“Quite simply, the facts do not exist to support a guilty verdict as charged,” Judge David McNamee said during the sentencing. “Glines’ genitals weren’t visible because other parts of her body covered them.”

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Finally, a progressive NYC Catholic church has a new art exhibit next to the altar called God is Trans: A Queer Spiritual Journey.

While some praised the church for welcoming the “queer community,” many others believe the church has gone too far.

“I understand that there are transgender people,” said a concerned parishioner New York Post. “I pray for all people, but enough is enough. It seems like they are trying to force the agenda on others.”

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