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Spring Creek Elementary raises money for playground renewal | education

SPRING CREEK – When school starts on August 29, Spring Creek elementary school students will be playing on new rubber chips on part of the playground.

It is thanks to a number of donors who provided money, resources and time to the Spring Creek PTA, which wanted a safer playground for their children.

“This fulfills our goal and allows us to create the first playground,” said Spring Creek Elementary PTA representative Neena Moore. “Because the initial costs were so high, it was pretty clear that we would cover them.”

“Our fundraising has been great,” added Moore. Along with other SCE parents, she was the driving force behind renovating the playground with rubber pieces to reduce students’ injuries and scratches during recess.

The fine gravel that covered much of the playground has been eroded in depth over the years since it was laid nearly 30 years ago. The parents researched various substitutes, including wood shavings, and settled on pieces of rubber as the safest option.

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Time was also a factor in raising about $18,500 to purchase the rubber and install it before the first day of school, which would be just enough to cover part of the playground containing the fall zones.

Moore reported that the funds came from a variety of sources, including $10,000 from the school’s previous annual PTA fundraisers and an additional $3,500 from other sources including.

“We received a great offer from a company in Arizona,” she explained. “We needed about $5,000 more and we got it.”

On August 3, Cook’s Steakhouse & Saloon hosted a pancake bar fundraiser featuring candy, candy and fruit options donated by Smith’s, Albertsons and Bonanza Produce Co., along with mini muffins from Albertson’s.

Erica Cook, owner of Cook’s Steakhouse, donated food and restaurant space to the event.

Participants could also do handicrafts and have their faces painted. There were also special cameos from Spring Creek Elementary’s mascot, Bobby the Bobcat, and new principal Carrie Gregory.

The PTA also collected 55 donated items for a raffle.

A work party is planned for August 16th at 9am at the school ready for the rubber chips. β€œIn the end we didn’t have to remove the gravel. We just moved it to places that weren’t mulched.”

Spring Creek Elementary PTA raises money for gravel replacement

As for renovating the rest of the playground, “there aren’t any concrete plans yet,” Moore said. “We have to work on one set at a time”

The Spring Creek PTA thanked all fundraiser donors, including cash and check donors, including Artistic Curb, Silver Tree Dental, Bawcom Real Estate, Koinonia Construction Inc., Elko Dental Specialists, Boss Tanks and Brent Stokes.

They also thanked raffle item donors including Bawcom Real Estate for a dinner at 360 Lodge, Mudd Hutt, TNT – three stylists, the Pedal Merchant, the Star, Luciano’s, Event Source, Rolbertos, Ogi Deli, Spring Creek Golf Course, Ruby Mountain Photography, Mattie’s, CNC-machined metal wall art, Gun World for a gift basket, a handmade quilt, Nuts Under a Buck, Carry On With Style – Nine Stylists, LeeAnne’s Floral Designs, Crystal 5 Movie Theater, Great Clips, Moe’s Bubbles , GameStop, Spring Inn Bar, Empower Fitness with Membership, Petco, Las Brisas, The Coffee Mug, Sand and Sagebrush, Dragonfly Gypsy Boutique, Evolution Powersports, Game Troll, Evergreen Floral, Old Timey Ice Cream, Wild Strand Jewelry, Pinon Rehabilitation, Mandi Lake – Cheesecake and Have a Ball Party Supplies.

“Thanks to all the generous people of Elko County, our kids will have a safer playground this year,” Moore said.

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