Spotify surprises fans with a more personalized and interactive Wrapped

Spotify has unveiled its annual Spotify Wrapped with more personalized and interactive features like Listening Personality and Audio Day. At the same time, Spotify is also bringing Wrapped to the Metaverse with Spotify Island: Wonder Wrapped on Roblox.

TThe Listening Personality feature takes inspiration from the Myers-Brigg personality test and turns it around Analyzing a user’s musical tastes to determine their personality and aggregating them into a personality map provides shareable content for the user.

For example, “The Adventurer” is someone who has explored several new genres, while “The Maverick” is someone who listens to obscure songs that not many others have heard. Another new feature is Audio Day, a interactive story giving users a glimpse of how their music tastes have evolved throughout the day. Audio Day reveals the niche moods and aesthetic descriptors of music users listening morning, noon and night.

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Spotify is also allowing fans to share their wrapped cards by adding the ability to do so for WhatsApp and Line. Users can also unlock a personalized Snapchat lens that reflects their listening personality, and they can enjoy special wrapped clothing for Bitmojis wherever Bitmojis are available, as well as custom wrapped themed GIFs available wherever GIPHY integrates is.

Over the years, Spotify Wrapped has been a hit among users. TechCrunch reported growth of over 90 million users accessing Wrapped from 2017 to 2021, with nearly 60 million users sharing it across various social media platforms. Without a doubt, these new features create great PR value for Spotify as the company achieves success in earned media through news articles and the widespread sharing of Wrapped among users.

In 2019, Wrapped was even boosted in Southeast Asia with a marketing campaign in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. The campaign was based on the company’s annual Wrapped feature, which curates individual listening data for users to summarize.

To celebrate Wrapped, Spotify Island on Roblox will feature Wrapped-inspired quests, games, and virtual merchandise, as well as photo booths featuring 12 different artists, including Bizarrap, Black Sherif, Calvin Harris, CRO, Doechii, Eslabon Armado, and Miranda Lambert NIKI, New Jeans, Stray Kids, SUNMI and Tove Lo.

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During last year’s Wrapped, select top fans from 100 different artists were able to experience exclusive thank you videos in their Your Artists Revealed playlists. With Your Artist Messages, select fans will receive end-of-the-year thank you videos this year from some of their top artists of 2022, with each video followed by that artist’s most listened song that year. Spotify decided to increase the number of participating artists from around 100 last year to more than 40,000 in 2022 because fans and artists really enjoyed the opportunity, it said.

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