TUJUNGA, Calif. (CBS, KYMA/KECY) – A dramatic burglary at a sporting goods store. Owners say more than a million dollars worth of memorabilia have been stolen, and they say they’re not the first store to be targeted.

Autographed jerseys and basketballs, baseball trading cards and Pokémon games. It was hard work curating this collection for the guys at Kaptain Fish Collectibles in Tujunga and the rare goods are very valuable too. Therefore it is kept under lock and key.

But a couple of thieves plowed a white work truck right through their front window and breached the security gate on Sunday. The three men in hoodies were caught on camera quickly searching the store before the alarm alerted police.

“I felt terrible. I felt hurt. I was afraid something like this would happen,” said Sevag Mazakian, co-owner of Kaptain Fish Collectibles.

Third card store robbed

Mazakian says these guys cost her over a million dollars in goods and damage in less than seven minutes.

“They took loose boxes, comics, cards and an autographed pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers. Yes,” added Mazakian.

He says this is the third card shop to be robbed in two months. And whether the same people are responsible or not, the other two robberies happened just 15 miles away in Burbank.

“Maybe they think Captain Fish isn’t too far from Burbank,” Mazakian said.

They hope someone can help identify the men in the video; One of them gave them a pretty clear close-up shot of this surveillance camera.

Kaptain Fish is a place for kids to learn how to play Pokemon games.

It’s a family friendly environment and they don’t want the community to be afraid to come here.

“We’ve built something here that we’re proud of, and we’re really proud to be a part of the community,” Mazakian said.


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