Spoiler-free reasons to read Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows

Grishaverse fans, rejoice! After a two-year wait, season 2 is released shadow and bone has fallen on Netflix. For those unfamiliar with the television series or its source material, The Grishaverse is a series of novels written by Leigh Bardugo. The Netflix series takes its name from the first novel in the first trilogy, which follows Alina Starkov, a soldier who discovers she has unimaginable powers. Despite the series name shadow and bone combines two series from the Grishaverse novels: the original trilogy about Alina and the sequel Six crows Duology about a band of outcasts planning an impossible heist.

As you can imagine, the merging of two separate series into one cohesive whole makes the Netflix show present a different entity than the books. Some things will stay the same, but some things will be very different, and some things will be left out entirely. That is fun. But it also gives people who discovered the Grishaverse via the Netflix show a good reason to check out the original novels if they haven’t already.

There are of course the usual reasons for this. While television adaptations can provide amazing visuals and bring your favorite characters to life, they are rarely able to show every single detail of the original book. Sometimes your favorite character has minimal screen time or doesn’t show up until season two. Prose allows readers to spend pages, even chapters, in a character’s mind. TV series? Not as much.

But for Six crowsAre there other reasons to pick up the books after – or before – watching Netflix shadow and bone.

4 reasons why you should try it Six crows

1. You don’t have to read the Original Grischa Trilogy first

The original Grisha trilogy, starting with shadow and bonelaunched the Grishaverse. Six crows and its continuation Crooked Kingdom were released next. Both series are set in the same universe, but you don’t need to read the Grisha trilogy first. No, seriously, you don’t. You may have heard similar arguments regarding other related series and therefore you may be skeptical as these arguments have been proven to be inaccurate. With Six crowsbut it is totally true.

The original trilogy focuses on Alina and her journey as a Sun Summoner. When it ends, their story is over. in many ways Six crows could take place in a completely different world. To be clear, it doesn’t. But it could.

Instead, the novel shifts the setting from the land of Ravka to the island state of Kerch. It follows six extraordinary teenagers who join forces to pursue the job of a lifetime.

2. Speaking of plot, Six crows Is a heist caper

Not only do you not have to read the original Grischa trilogy first, Six crows falls into an entirely different subgenre. There’s no denying that Alina’s story is a chosen narrative. Maybe that’s not your thing. This is fair. Chosen stories have their place in the fantasy genre, but the ubiquity can be tiring.

Don’t let this dislike dissuade you Six crows, although. Do you love movies like the Ocean’s series or books like The lies of Locke Lamora? Then you have an idea of ​​what you will get with this book. In short, a criminal prodigy assembles a crew of some of the world’s most talented people for a risky job.

Do they have special skills? Naturally. Are there clever, witty jokes? You bet. Does everyone understand each other? Do not make a fool of yourself. You are criminals.

Six crows is a heist to the core, complete with the twists and turns you’ve come to expect from the genre.

3. Six crows Expands the world in big, diverse ways

The original Grisha trilogy introduces us to the Russian-inspired Ravka, a land rent by the shadow fold, a patch of darkness teeming with monsters. Six crows leads us to Kerch, an international trading center. The bustling capital of Ketterdam has chic hotels, a university, illegal establishments and of course the slums. You couldn’t get any further out of war-torn Ravka if you tried.

Because of its nature as a trading center and port city, Ketterdam also brings many cultures and customs together. For this reason, Six crows shows diversity in its full breadth. It features characters from different races and ethnicities. There are characters with different sized bodies. Queer Characters. Disabled Characters. Neuroatypical Characters. Even religious characters against those who aren’t.

The variety isn’t reduced to background characters either. In Six crowsthe main characters embody diversity in all its manifestations and manifestations.

4. The main actors jump off the page

Despite its robbery structure, Six crows It’s a character-driven book, not a plot-driven one. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plot. The raid must eventually be deducted.

What it means is that Six crows features unforgettable characters with distinct personalities and fleshed-out motivations. A thief who fought his way up through the slums to become a gang lieutenant? A demolitions expert running from his privileged past? An escaped convict with intimate knowledge of the location the crew must break into? Six crows features them and more.

However, well-rounded characters are more than catchphrases and shiny attributes. Bardugo delves into the backstories of her main cast, revealing brick by brick what got her to this point.

But it’s not just the characters that draw you in. It’s their relationships with each other. Who can forget the moment, brief as it was, when Kaz and Inej met? Then there is the shared story between Nina and Matthias – a story of distrust, reluctant alliances, attraction and betrayal. Fans of the Netflix show will be familiar with this show as this shared history was a major storyline in the first season of shadow and bone.

While the Netflix series draws on both the original Grisha trilogy and the Six crows They say duology shadow and bone— which means Alina will likely remain the center of the show. But if you want to see more of the crows, Six crows And Crooked Kingdom waiting for you.


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