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Spider-Man gets a ninja makeover in stunning watercolor style fan art

The legendary hero Spiderman is known in Marvel Comics for leagues of multiversal variants and a new piece fan art by illustrator Louis Moreau creates a “Shinobi Spider-Man” who reimagines Peter Parker in a ninja style reminiscent of Peach Momoko’s ever-growing “Momoko-Verse.”

While almost every single character in the Marvel Universe has various counterparts scattered throughout the Multiverse, Spider-Man’s story with 2014 places an extra emphasis on this concept spider verse Event that introduces many new variants, some of which have since become incredibly popular, such as B. the now popular Spider-Gwen. The idea of ​​”Spider-Verse” was even more popular with the 2018 animated film release Into the Spider-Versewhich is now getting two sequels and is considered one of the best animated films of all time.


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Illustrator Louis Moreau is known on Instagram for creating a fan-made Pokémon region and then illustrating all of its Pokémon residents. He released a stunning piece of Spider-Man fan art recast Peter Parker as Shinobi (Japanese for “Ninja”) Warrior inspired by the incredible work of Peach Momoko. days of demons is a Japanese folklore reimagining of the Marvel Universe created, written, and illustrated by Peach Momoko, to critical acclaim. In fact, called a sequel demon wars is currently being published by Marvel. Momoko’s folksy Japanese take on the Marvel Universe is now dubbed “Momoko Verse,” and her reimagining of classic characters like Black Widow, Thor, and Mystique has captured readers’ imaginations. While the main Marvel universe featured a manga-inspired version of Peter Parker from the Mangaverse world of Earth-2301, Moreau’s beautiful Shinobi Spider-Man – digitally drawn in a watercolor style – is quite unique.

Moreau’s shinobi Spider-Man, which earned Peach Momoko’s seal of approval on Twitter, is also reminiscent of the work of Hayao Miyazaki, which isn’t a surprise considering Momoko said in interviews that her work was inspired by Miyazaki. Either days of demons and demon wars Momoko reinvented both Venom and Carnage as Yokai creatures and covers them demon wars have shown that fans will at last Get a Momoko Spider-Man, though it’s more likely to be a spider-human hybrid yokai rather than a ninja-style Spider-Man like Moreau’s artwork. Moreau’s Shinobi Spider-Man uses the character’s classic red and blue colorway, but equips him with ninja gear and a unique mask that replicates the multi-eyed anatomy of a real spider. Ninjas are known for their stealth, speed, and inventive tools, all things Spider-Man is also famous for, so Moreau makes a ninja-inspired Spider-Man creation a lot of of logical sense. In the current Marvel continuity, a 2014 sequel edge of spider verse takes place where many new Spider-Man variants were introduced (e.g. the already iconic gay Web-Weaver). As fast as the world of Spider-Man variants is expanding, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see a shinobi Spider-Man appear soon.

Louis Moreau is stunning fan art of a shinobi Spidermaninspired by the awesome work of Peach Momoko, gives one of them an epic ninja twist marvel comics’ most popular heroes.

source: Louis Moreau (1,2)

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