Something is odd about this trippy Colorado home for sale

The exterior is as unassuming as it gets.

The exterior is as unassuming as it gets.

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Everyone has their own unique style that reflects their personal taste in furnishing homes. But the interior of this residence for sale in Colorado Springs, Colorado might come out on top when it comes to “unique.”

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom residence — priced at $560,000 — is owned by an artist, according to the listing on

“Everything about this home is vibrant and unique with living spaces that are not only works of art but live really well,” the listing reads. “From the outside it looks like any other individual home in the community, but once you step inside you are transported into an exciting and fun world.”

And boy, are there some wild amenities on the 2,856-square-foot home:

  • A stuffed animal wall

  • Fur-covered blanket

  • Superball countertop

  • Hula Hoop Room

  • Private backyard

  • Oversized garage

“Bright and colorful wall colors and unique decorative touches make this home a fabulous and one-of-a-kind find,” the listing reads.

The residence caught the attention of Zillow Gone Wild, a Facebook page and Twitter account that highlights special homes for sale around the world. And people were mesmerized.

“I wasn’t aware that a third-hand contact high through a screen was possible, but my eyeballs are now vibrating in their sockets and I have no other logical explanation,” one person joked.

“I hope the words ‘quirky’, ‘maximal’, ‘artistic’ and ‘eclectic’ were used repeatedly in the description!” said another.

“I would love to meet and observe the owners. I’m so curious,” one commented.

“I was just attacked and then pleasantly surprised by his sweetness…

I call this… the sour patch house,” one person compared.

“This person was an artist. I’m glad they were able to express themselves,” said another.

“I didn’t know Tim Burton did interior design,” someone joked.

“Honestly, this is how I imagined my house to be when I was a kid. I applaud the owner for living his best life,” one person noted.

I would buy it as is‘ someone tweeted.

Colorado Springs is about 70 miles south of Denver.

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