Snyder Cut 2 Year Anniversary Shazam 2’s Poor Box Office Start

James Gunn‘s new DCU has yet to see the light of day – and shaking off the old guard is proving brutal… both at the box office and on Twitter, where everything is Zack Snyder all day.

First, there’s ‘Shazam 2’ – which just hit theaters this weekend and has already gotten off to a rough start with an estimated box office of $30 million… one of the worst DC movies. Remember, Zachary LeviGunn’s future in Gunn’s World hangs in the balance in the future… and you have to imagine his film here (part of the former DCEU) does not bode well for bombing raids.

There could be more growing pains for Gunn and company. before they can get to their actual new roster – which will start with Superman: Legacy in about two years. DC has yet to release Aquaman 2 and The Flash…both were completed before Gunn arrived.

Time will tell how these play out, but right now… Shazam 2 isn’t paying off. Meanwhile, Snyder fans are celebrating two year anniversary of his Justice League flick – the “Snyder Cut” as it is known. And yes…they are once again clamoring for more ZS Superhero content.

There are a few “Snyders” tendencies Go to the Vogel app, including people asking Warner Bros release the rights to Zack’s creations to Netflix… where he’s now making other films. The reason… they want their guy to continue the “Snyderverse” with all these former actors/heroes – like Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, GalGadot, Jason Momoaetc.

Of course, that probably won’t happen… but the ardent fanbase is demanding it anyway.

#full circle pic.twitter.com/UTK9qSq17q

— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) March 15, 2023

What complicates matters is Zack himself… just this week teased an announcement – courtesy of Darkseid, one of his major DCEU villains. Unclear what it is… but he’s ignited the internet with speculation – so ZS doesn’t really seem to be going away either.

And one final Zack mention — where, once again, someone is reveling in the glory days — came from BA himself … singing the director’s praises in a new song THR profile this week.

Bottom line… the DCEU has left some mighty big footsteps to fill, and those footsteps just keep growing while everyone waits for Gunn and Peter Saffron‘s vision brought to life.

As it turns out, starting over is a long and arduous process. Lots to clear out of the garage, and not everyone wants to put the leftovers up for sale… as WBD is now finding out.

A huge headache indeed.


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