Slime Tower Tycoon Codes for December 2022

Get the latest Slime Tower Tycoon codes! Expand your slime factory slime by slime and keep improving it along the way. Redeem for rewards.

Welcome to Slime Tower Tycoon! Build your slime empire by farming slimes on the production line. The goal of the game is to build an impressive slime tower all the way up to the sky! New updates add unique slimes, challenges, obbies, and new worlds to explore. How many slimes can you breed? This is a classic Roblox Tycoon game.

We’re looking for new ones Slime Tower Tycoon Codes every day. You can redeem these rewards for free in-game boosts or special cosmetic effects. All codes are available here, both old and new.

We added these codes 30.11 and all checked!

All slime tower tycoon codes

Here are all working codes for Slime Tower Tycoon December 2022.

code Reward Active/Expired
DELAY 20 minute Droplet, Cash etc. Boost active
gift sword Get a Free Sword! active
Enlighten Glowing effect for your character active
Falstaff One hour 1.5x coin boost active
Burn fire effect active
OCTOBER Free boosts for 25 minutes active
Shudder Enables a message in chat active
chatter Coin Rate, Droplet and Boost for 25 minutes active
Tiptoe Tim 50 slimes! Free Boosts active
youtubealphagg 50 slimes! Free Boosts active
fart Fart cosmetic effect active
deadchat Clear 5 slimes active
blame tip 25 minutes of all boosts Expired
update 4 25 minutes of all boosts Expired

Roblox codes are case sensitive – that is, you must enter them exactly as they appear in this table, with the same letters, numbers and punctuation marks! These codes are pretty basic, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


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How to redeem codes in Slime Tower Tycoon

Slime Tower Tycoon Codes

How to get your free rewards in Slime Tower Tycoon.

  • Open the game
  • Beat those Codes button in the left menu (that’s the gift icon!)
  • Enter the code and click Redeem.
  • You won’t get a message, but you can check the boosts at the top of the screen

Code not working? There is no error message if the code doesn’t work, so be sure to check your boosts and slimes and cosmetic effects. We verify that the codes work before adding them to our list. So copy them exactly as they appear above.

What are Slime Tower Tycoon Codes?

Slimes In Slime Tower Tycoon, On A Shelf, Green Color

Slime Tower Tycoon codes are free rewards published by the developers of Infinite Tycoon Empire. Codes can be redeemed for cosmetic rewards and boosts to your droplet generation, coins, and coin processing rate. New codes are released to celebrate milestones and updates. Check back soon for more goodies.

How to get more codes

Slime Tower Tycoon wizard tower

We post all new codes on this page and check for codes daily. You can follow the game official twitter page for more information on upcoming updates, sneak peeks, and code drops!

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