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Should you use Toxapex in the Great League in Pokemon GO?

The Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 event featured Mareanie and his powerful evolution, Toxapex.

Toxapex comes with a wonderful Poison/Water typing. This makes it weak to Ground, Electric, and Psycho-types, but it has attacks that can counter the majority of its toughest opponents.

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His best attribute is his defense skills. It resists a whopping eight different types. Toxapex usually has a lower CP rating, making it an incredible choice for Big Leagues in Pokemon GO that players use right away.

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Toxapex can dominate in Pokemon GO in the Great League

Oh I love this rank one πŸ™ˆ Toxapex, can’t wait to list it in the big league once it evolves! It’s my second rank one, the first was a Shadow Gyarados πŸ™ˆ #PokemonGO #PokemonGOFashion Week https://t.co/q6JJYB9CMw

The Great League has a maximum of 1,500 CP for each Pokemon. Other than that, there are no rules, meaning Toxapex has no restrictions on its teammates or what it can come across.

The best counters for Toxapex can be found in Ultra League and above. Don’t expect to encounter a Landorus, Deoxys, Mewtwo, Hoopa, Xurkitree, or even an Alakazam in the Big League.

That means Toxapex will have very little competition in this Pokemon GO league. It could easily become one of the most dominant Pokemon the Great League has ever seen.

How to Use Toxapex in the Big League

Knowing that Toxapex will do well in the Pokemon GO Great League is the first step. Now it’s time to learn how to use it. It has a few fast attacks and multiple charged attacks. All can work together starring Toxapex.

Fast Attacks

  • Bite: This is a Dark-type attack that deals super effective damage to any Psychotype trying to counter Toxapex. It will catch them off guard and leave them hurt. Or at least switch to a different Pokemon.
  • Poison Strike: Poison Jab gains an attack bonus of the same type. It is Toxapex’s most damaging fast attack, generating fast energy to launch its charged attacks early and often.

Charged Attacks

  • mud wave: Mud Wave is a very powerful Poison-type attack. When the STAB is in place, it does a lot of damage but costs a lot of energy.
  • Gunk shot: Gunk Shot falls under the same umbrella as Sludge Wave. The Poison-type attack deals more damage than its counterpart, but requires more energy to unleash.
  • brine: For now, Sole is the only Water-type attack in Toxapex’s Pokemon GO arsenal. It requires very little energy and can be shot down fairly frequently. This is the best way to counteract any soil types that might cause problems for Toxapex.


Toxapex works best as a lead in Pokemon GO. It can learn two different Charged Attacks with Candy and Stardust, so either the Poison-type or Brine should be its moveset. Its fast attack is then entirely up to the trainer.

As the leader, Toxapex’s job is to drain enemy shields and lead the other PokΓ©mon on his team to success. With no real opposition to it in the Big League, it could easily survive to the end of a battle.

Attack with no regrets, using one charged attack at a time. Sending out Brine repeatedly will definitely lower enemy shields or see the other trainer conserve them and take damage, eventually leaving them open for Toxapex and his teammates to wipe out.

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