Shadow and Bone Cast Real Ages: Netflix Star Birthdays

As the Grishaverse continues to grow on screen and more characters are added, fans are curious to know more about the stars bringing Netflix shadow and bone to live. Based on a book series by Leigh Bardugothe show stars Jessie Mei Li as Alina Starkov.

“I’m not particularly concerned with meeting fan expectations,” the actress said evening standard in March 2023 of her role ahead of the season two premiere. “To me, an adaptation is an adaptation, and if you like the books, read the books.”

Explaining how her character changed from season one to season two, Jessie shared that in season one, Alina “accepts who she is and accepts her responsibilities and doesn’t hide from her truth” while chatting with her Netflix life.

“Season 2 is about what she does with that responsibility. And it was really nice to play that [emotional] Journey while staying true to her core [is],” she added. “The parts of her that make her this lovable character that we all stand for. That had to stay the same no matter what situation she was in. So it was quite a challenge to play, but it was also really fun at the same time.”

Of course, they’re not the only star bringing the characters from the page to the screen. Jessie is accompanied by countless actors including Ben Barnes who plays The Darkling.

“I think the trust you need to build for conflict scenes is very similar to what you need to build for romantic scenes,” Ben said NEarth & Beyond in March 2023 about how the chemistry between him and Jessie comes through on screen.” It exists in the same kind of space. A lot of it talks about your hopes and dreams for each scene and for the season as a whole.”

He added, “Obviously when we came back for a second season, we had this dynamic that had built up from the kind of sizzling chemistry in the first season and the head-to-head racing in the second.”

These two stars aren’t the only ones who have become friends in real life. The whole shadow and bone The cast is still close when the cameras stop rolling.

Scroll through our gallery to find out the real ages and birthdays of the cast members.

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