Sentinels are reportedly set to return to Apex Legends with Spacestation Gaming’s current roster

Usually the top teams are there Apex Legends Wait until after a big event like a LAN to change rosters. But it seems Sentinels are anxious to get back in apex just days after they dropped their previous roster – and Spacestation Gaming will instead be the organization to bid farewell to the scene.

According to a report by Tom Bull for, Sentinels will sign the current SSG roster to take part in the Split One Playoffs in London next weekend. The trio of Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez, Angello “xenial” Cardenas and Mark “DROPPED” Thees have represented SSG as a trio for more than a year, with Frexs and xenial originally being inducted into the org nearly two years ago.

Per Bull’s report, DROPPED may or may not remain with Sentinels after the Split One Playoffs are completed. In recent third-party tournaments like Hyperluxe’s ​​Oversight Circuit, DROPPED instead played with OpTic Gaming, while SSG competed in Split’s playoffs with longtime Complexity member Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller. Frexs and Xenial have also been spotted in various tournaments and scrims, competing with other players such as CLG’s Robert “Dimi” Johnson and Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith.

Regardless, Sentinels should return to the top of the pile in North America with the move. While former core Sentinels Adam “senoxe” Lau and Nicholas “Crust” Kell have long been considered one of the most feared teams in North America, by the end of 2022 the team has looked like a shell of its former self. failing to qualify for both LAN tournaments in year two of the ALGS before being relegated to the Pro League Qualifying Tournament after the first split of year three.

On the other hand, the current SSG roster has long been hailed as one of the most consistent teams in the region. They haven’t failed to finish in the top 10 in the NA Pro League since their inception in 2021, finishing sixth and fifth in the last two ALGS Championships.

The biggest question mark over the Sentinels’ new look will be exactly what the entire team will look like in Pro League Split Two. If DROPPED does indeed head into OpTic games, there will be plenty of viable free agents to round out the team, including the players mentioned above. Monsoon and Albralelie are both old guard pros apexand both are respected in the apex Scene. Both have also spent time as IGLs or co-IGLs in their rosters. These ideas should fit well with the culture of the new Sentinels, as the team has shown a somewhat fluid approach to IGLing (with Frexs being one of NA’s most experienced IGLs).

Anyway, it shakes everything out, it seems that North American apex Rostermania gets a whole lot busier with just a week to go before the Split One Playoffs begin on February 2nd.


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