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Section 8 Review – A little bit of death wish with more efficiency

Revenge is at the heart of section 8 – an all-new action film from director Christian Sesma and stars Ryan Kwanten, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney and Scott Adkins. But does it kick the audience in the face with more action than anyone can handle, or swing its own leg?

The premise of Section 8

Dolph Lundgren Section 8 Movie 2022

Jake (Kwanten), a former Special Forces soldier, lives a simple and humble life as a soldier in a small town with his wife and son. One fateful day, his family is shot and Jake seeks revenge on the assassins. He is sent to prison where he is expected to spend the rest of his days until a mysterious man named Ramsey (Mulroney) offers him a chance to get out and join an elite group known as Section 8. However, this Special Division may not be everything it is meant to be.

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A revenge story that turns into an uncompromising actioner

section 8 is a story of two films – in the truest sense of the word. The first half is deathwishif paul kersey had been more efficient and direct while the second part has many similarities to the recent chris pine film, The service provider. That said section 8 never reaches the lofty classical heights of the former, nor is it as dull as the latter – it falls somewhere in between.

What Sesma is doing right here is varying the pace and predictability of this type of narrative, which can feel overly linear. While there are more than a handful of plot twists that audiences should grasp before they are revealed, section 8 does not flow as expected. More importantly, it features what wrestling fans refer to as a double swerve — more simply, twist upon twist.

Thin story but great action scenes

Section 8 - a brand new action film directed by Scott Adkins

The story may tie the scenes together by the tiniest of threads, but this isn’t the movie anyone would go for for the drama and mind-blowing performances. It’s all about the action here. The good news is that Kwanten, Lundgren and Adkins deliver on this front, as there’s a healthy mix of hand-to-hand combat and gunfights scattered throughout the film. While more of Adkins would be welcome in any action movie, he’s making the most of his screen time and proving he’ll always be the perfect Batman in our hearts.

Kwanten is also very believable as the protagonist Jake. The bond he shares with his former commanding officer (Lundgren) will be felt and appreciated by audiences as there is mutual respect and admiration between the two while the pain and loss of his family lingers in the air at all times. In fact, Kwanten’s performance is in section 8 will have many people wondering why he wasn’t cast as a lead in higher profile films. He was excellent in James Wan’s Horror dead silence and Joe Lynch’s comedy Knights of Badassdomwho flaunts his diversity as an actor, and he can also add an action star to his credentials.

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General Thoughts

section 8 keeps all its promises. It’s clear from the synopsis and trailer that this is a revenge story turned into undercover operations – and it does just that. In the end it might not have enough guts to become the next Die Hard or deathwish, but it’ll still hit all the right sweet spots for action junkies. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a huge favorite on streaming platforms in the near future.

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