The Houseman’s Way has finally come back for Season 2, and now you can find all the new episodes streaming with Netflix now! The anime, which is based on Kousuke Oono’s popular manga series, premiered last year to admittedly mixed response from fans. But it ended up being such a hit with those who liked it that not only did it return for a second series of episodes after its initial debut, but it was soon confirmed that a second season was in the works. After some waiting, the new year has started with the full release of the new season!

The Houseman’s Way now streaming Season 2 with Netflix. The season consists of five episodes, and it’s likely that the season will get a five-episode second season later in the year given how much fans seemed to enjoy everything that happened over the course of the first season. Kicking off 2023 with a brand new anime drop before the rest of the winter 2023 anime schedule begins is a pretty big deal, so now’s the time to tune in:

How to watch Season 2 of The Way of the Househusband

You can find now The Houseman’s Way Season 2 is now streaming with Netflix along with the first episodes. The series’ main cast includes “Kenjiro Tsuda as Tatsu, Shizuka Itou as Miku, Kazuyuki Okitsu as Masa, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Torajirou, Atsuko Tanaka as Hibari Torri, MAO as Gin, Jun Fukushima as Young Yakuza Lieutenant, Kimiko Saito as City Chairman, Masashi.” Nogawa and Junichi Yanagita as Police Officers, Hochu Otsuka as Old Man Yakuza Boss, Tomokazu Sugita as Bob, and Subaru Kimura as Gouda.

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Netflix teases what the series offers The Houseman’s Way As such, Tatsu is feared among the yakuza as “The Immortal Dragon” and is a legend of the underworld with an impressive record of vanquished rival gangs under his belt. Hoping to break free from his past, Tatsu marries and fully devotes himself to the home-husband way, diligently cooking, cleaning, washing, and grocery shopping every day. On the other hand, there’s one person who’s not happy with Tatsu’s new home life – his tough, former yakuza underling, Masa. As Tatsu tries his best to trace the houseman’s path, assassin after assassin attempts to take him down!”

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