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Saved By The Bell is leaving Netflix in September 2022

saved by the bell is leaving netflix in september 2022

Saved by the bell

Another great classic show is leaving Netflix in the United States. This time, all 9 seasons of Saved by the Bell are scheduled to disappear from Netflix US in September 2022, with the removal date now showing as September 15th.

Netflix added seasons 1-9 of Saved by the bell in September 2021, but only in the United States.

The way the show is captioned is slightly different than other streamers.

Both Peacock and Hulu are currently streaming the show’s classic seasons, although they air it over the course of 5 seasons instead of 9.

There are also other issues with the way seasons are listed on the service. Missing episodes, weird episode orders, and how they split up some of the movies are all very weird indeed.

Netflix has access to:

  • Saved by the Bell (Seasons 1-6)
  • Hawaiian Style (4 episodes)
  • The College Years (19 episodes)
  • Wedding in Las Vegas (4 episodes)

In total, Netflix streams 126 episodes of Saved by the bell.

As described above, all seasons listed above expire on September 15th. That means your last day to watch them on Netflix is ​​September 14th and then they leave at midnight local time.

last day to watch saved by the bell netflix

Saved by the Bell Expiration Date Show on Netflix – Image: Netflix

Why is Saved by the Bell leaving Netflix?

Simply put, Netflix doesn’t own the show and has only licensed (basically leased) the show for a single year.

Vine Alternative Investments owns Rysher Entertainment, which is listed as the show’s owner, although CBS Media Ventures (Paramount Global) is believed to be the distributor.

As a result, these seasons may go to Paramount+ or remain available on Hulu or Peacock where they will also be streamed at the time of release.

One thought as to why the show was licensed to Netflix is ​​to promote the Peacock series, which released in 2020 and ran for two seasons before being cancelled.

Why only one year? This is becoming the standard for shows rented out to streamers these days. Long gone are the days when licensed shows were sometimes loaned out for years.

September 2022 is set to be another busy month for Netflix moves. the Vampire Diaries will leave Netflix alongside dozens of films in the United States.

As we’ve reported, Netflix has lost dozens of classic shows over the years as distributors are withdrawing content for their streaming services and content costs are skyrocketing.

will you miss Saved by the bell if it leaves Netflix in September? Let us know in the comments.

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