Saved by a doping test: The professional driver was treated for cancer after abnormal blood results

This article was originally published in The print edition of Cycling Weekly as part of the long term MY FITNESS CHALLENGE series.

It was May 2022 and Torstein Træen was in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain for a hearty breakfast with his Uno-X Pro Cycling teammates. He remembered the date. “It was Friday the 13th – we were joking that something bad was going to happen today,” recalls the 27-year-old Norwegian over the phone from a winter training camp in Altea, Spain. Træen vividly remembers the moment his phone rang as he headed back to his room to get ready for the day’s tour. It was Knut Rønning, the team’s doctor. “He asked me if I had read the email in my inbox and I said, ‘Yes, yes’.” But Træen had skimmed it and missed the importance of the email. Rønning put it bluntly: “You sent back a positive result for hCG from the Volta a Catalunya.”


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