Sandman co-creator Neil Gaiman confirms he’s “very pleased” with the upcoming Netflix adaptation of his acclaimed DC Comics fantasy series.

The Sandman Co-creator Neil Gaiman shared his reaction to newly released footage from the upcoming Netflix adaptation of the DC Comics fantasy series.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Gaiman confirmed that he was “very pleased” with the show’s development. The exchange was followed by the recording of clips The Sandman in a video montage promoting Netflix’s June 2022 Geek Week event. Many of these clips had not been shown before, further underlining how closely the first season of the 11-episode fantasy series adheres to its source material.

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The Geek Week montage also gave fans a chance to hear star Tom Sturridge recite several lines The SandmanProtagonist of , Morpheus. Gaiman previously revealed that he had given Sturridge notes on how to perform Morpheus’s vocals, encouraging him to avoid imitating the signature hoarse tones of another iconic DC character. “I growled at him once and said, ‘Stop being Batman.’ He tried to get a little whispery,” Gaiman said during an interview with Sturridge. The English actor added that he found Gaiman’s guidance “very helpful.”

Fans also got a new look at Sturridge’s Lord of Dreams ahead of Geek Week footage thanks to a high-resolution still. The image shows Morpheus in a black cloak made partly of leather and holding his otherworldly helm tightly to his body. Netflix later released another photo of Dream via The Sandman‘s official Twitter account, this time showing the Dreaming ruler in a black cloak in what appears to be his throne room.

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In addition to Dream’s shot, two other pictures were shared: one of Lucifer and one of Matthew. The Lucifer image is notable because it shows actress Gwendoline Christie in a different outfit than the one she wore in the Geek Week shoot. The Matthew the Raven photo is even more notable as it gives fans their first real look at the live-action version of Dream’s winged emissary, voiced by Patton Oswalt on the show.

Both the Geek Week video and recent pre-release images make it clear just how big they are The SandmanThe budget of is. Each episode of the series has reportedly cost Netflix as much as $15 million, an amount fans believe is reflected in the high-quality costumes, lavish sets, and stunning visual effects seen so far.

The Sandman does not have a release date yet, but is expected to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2022.

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