Salomon created a running shoe that’s destined to be smashed – and then recycled

Green fashion is a major trend and Mother Nature is grateful. The Gap launched its Washwell program to reduce the use of natural resources during the denim manufacturing process. Adidas makes cycling shoes from vegan leather. Brands are also looking at ways to make running shoes more sustainable.

It’s a welcome movement in an often polarizing environment.

Now Salomon is taking off with a new recyclable sneaker, the INDEX.02. The running shoes are a step up from the INDEX.01, the shoe that the well-known French sneaker brand released two years ago. Like the INDEX.01, the INDEX.02 is also fully recyclable. However, it has new features to help you achieve your new PR in comfort and style.



is 263 grams lighter, 10% lighter than its older brother, making every step that little bit lighter. The comfort upgrades in these Salomon shoes are significant. A midsole foam and geometry allow for smoother transitions from stride to stride. Put your foot in the shoe and feel the plush Infiniride foam. It’s designed to be comfortable for hours on end, which means these shoes can go the distance with you.

The engineered mesh upper offers more support, better breathability and additional flexibility. It’s softer with a premium finish, softer materials, and even more comfort as soon as you step into the running shoes. From a stylistic point of view, expect new colors.

“The foam on the INDEX.02 is less dense, so it feels softer,” says Laurent Coudurier, Manager of Salomon Footwear R&D, in a press release. “We also removed some parts in the upper to bring the shoe closer to the foot. Our goal is to offer the same level of performance as the rest of our road running shoes and we’re getting there.”

These Salomon shoes are also an absolute favorite of Mother Nature. The TPU foam? As the only 100% recyclable foam, it clearly stands out from other eco-friendly materials on the market. When you’ve pushed your limits with these shoes and clocked up so many miles, it’s time for a new pair, mother nature really wins. It can be disassembled – look closely and you’ll see a subtle line where someone is disassembling and recycling the shoe. The different colors on the top and bottom aren’t just for style – although they’re certainly fashionable. Instead, they also emphasize that the shoe sticks to materials that can break apart when it’s time to sun the shoe. After purchasing Salomon shoes, new owners can scan a QR code on the tongue to register them, making eventual returns a breeze.

What happens to your INDEX.02 shoes? They will go to Europe and be used to make alpine ski boots, also designed by Salomon.

All in all – not to mix metaphors – the shoes are a hit. A home run, if you will.

“We started researching materials for the INDEX.01 shoe to reduce its impact about five years ago,” Coudurier added in the press release. “With this new INDEX.02 model, we are approaching the performance level of our rest of the road running shoes.”

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