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Saline adds another location to the city’s list of future marijuana dispensaries

SALINE, MI – Another marijuana dispensary is planning to come to Saline after the City Council meeting on Monday, November 21.

During that meeting, city council members conditionally approved two special land uses for adult-use marijuana retailers and one special land use for a medical marijuana supply center. These particular land uses are for 813 W. Michigan Ave. and 660 E. Michigan Ave.

After this approval, applicants must seek final approval of the site plan from the city.

813 W Michigan Ave.

A vacant lot at 813 W. Michigan Ave. that was once a hair salon is now on track to sell both medical and recreational marijuana after the final site plan was approved.

The applicant, Compassionate Advisors LLC, plans to remodel the existing 1,760 square foot suite to create its retail space. This location is in an existing commercial building with three tenants and a liquor store and dance studio on either side.

The space plans to operate as a company called Pincanna, which currently has three other locations in Kalkaska, East Lansing and Kalamazoo.

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During the permitting process for the special land uses, some concerns about the site’s parking lots were raised.

However, Ben Harrington, Saline’s community development director, said the applicant has a joint parking agreement with 783 W. Michigan Ave., which he says should “increase the number of parking spaces” and benefit the applicant as well as other nearby businesses.

“This was one of the more controversial (applications) to go through the Planning Commission, but we ended up working with the applicant to find solutions to some of the issues,” he said.

Some of the conditions that the applicant must comply with include formally recording the parking contract with the district and submitting it to the Planning Commission prior to final review of the site plan, providing signage for direct parking, and appropriately marking parking lots.

Zax car wash

Zax Auto Wash at 660 E Michigan Ave in Saline.

660 E. Michigan Ave., currently Zax Auto Wash

The location where Zax Auto Wash now operates was also granted a special land use permit at Monday’s meeting to become an adult-use marijuana retailer.

This decision comes months after the car wash at 660 E. Michigan Ave. approved as a medical care center at the August 15 Saline City Council meeting. Now the location has the ability to sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

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The applicant, Leoni Wellness LLC, plans to remodel the existing 2,720 square foot building to blend into the surrounding lots and also add 29 parking spaces to the site.

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