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Rocky Ledge swimming group sued by NY AG over fraud and bribery allegations

New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing a Westchester swim club, accusing current and former officials of running a “membership fraud and asset diversion program.”

James attempts to dissolve the organization and distribute the remaining assets to its members.

In a legal filing filed Tuesday, James said officials overseeing the Rocky Ledge Swimming Association, a tax-exempt organization that operates the North White Plains-based pool, channeled deals to insiders and relatives of the top organization. Many of these transactions were booked on particularly favorable terms, she said.

A sign for the Rocky Ledge Swimming Association at the entrance in North White Plains, September 21, 2022.

Rachel Boettigheimer, until recently a director and chief executive at Rocky Ledge, is said to have opened a secret bank account at Wells Fargo in which she deposited receipts from the sale of temporary memberships to the public. But James said funds in the hidden account and another account were “hidden from members”.

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