Rocket League: 10 best toppers, ranking

Rocket League has enjoyed brisk success since its initial release in 2015. Despite its age, Epic Games has kept the video game alive by continually adding more and more to the game, starting with the introduction of Season Passes in Rocket Liga similar to Fortnite’s.

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Rocket League has various customizable options for players to work on their cars, and one of those options is toppers. Toppers are basically hats for Rocket League cars, and they make great in-game decorations! Whether you’re showing off or just being fashionable, the right toppers are sure to make a statement.


10 The Mario Hat

the Mario hat attachment in Rocket League

The Mario Hat is one of the best toppers in Rocket League. Not just because of the crossover with Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise, but because of the ban. The Mario Hat Attachment is only available one way and is exclusive to the Mario NSR car in Rocket League.

To get the car and topper in Rocket League, players would have had to purchase and play the game for the Nintendo Switch. It should be unlocked just by playing the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League.

9 Hot Wheels Gorilla

the Hot Wheels Gorilla Topper in Rocket League

One of the coolest Rocket League crossovers is the Hot Wheels franchise crossover. Players can now play as cars they might have collected as toys when they were younger, which is a huge nostalgia hit.

The Hot Wheels gorilla topper refers to a track Hot Wheels made using a gorilla toy. To get this topper, players can purchase the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack released in 2018 with Season 9.

8th Pigeon: Anodized

the anodized pigeon cover in the rocket league

The Pigeon topper in Rocket League is one of the most common topper that players may see when playing online Rocket League games, especially casual games. The Pigeon Topper is usually obtained randomly through playing matches and leveling up, or players can trade it between themselves to inventory.

There is another Pigeon topper, however, and that is the anodized variety. The Pigeon: Anodized Topper is only available through the in-game item shop. This topper looks great and also has different color styles.

7 white hat

the white hat topper in Rocket League

The White Hat Topper is one of the both famous and infamous toppers in Rocket League. In fact, there is no way to get the White Hat topper in-game. The White Hat Topper was only awarded to players who found and reported legitimate game-changing exploits in Rocket League.

The only way to get the White Hat topper is for players to get lucky and find someone willing to trade them the topper. Apparently there is only four Players who have the white hat.

6 The Crown of Yonder

over there the bottle cap in Rocket League

After Epic Games acquired Rocket League and made the game free to play, they initiated a crossover event between Rocket League and Fortnite. In 2021, the second Rocket League crossover event with Fortnite, there were a number of challenges that players could complete to obtain various Fortnite-related items.

Yonder’s Crown was an easy-to-obtain item, but it is limited and no longer obtainable through playing the game. Players only had to play three online matches to earn Yonder’s Crown.

5 Vinyl box MC

the vinyl box mc topper in the rocket league

This topper is one of the rarest topper in Rocket League as players could only have obtained it for a short time and by completing a task outside of Rocket League.

The Vinyl Box MC Topper is a beautiful topper that players would only have received if they pre-ordered the Rocket League X Monster Cat: Greatest Hits album back in 2019! Due to its rarity today, the topper has become incredibly expensive and players can only hope that it will be traded to them.

4 Salty

the salty topper in the rocket league

In Rocket League’s long eight years, many seasons and passes have come and gone. In Rocket Pass 3, there was a free and premium version of the game’s Rocket Pass where players could level up and level up.

The Salty-Topper was only available through the premium tier of Rocket Pass, requiring players to earn enough XP to reach level 55. At level 55 in Rocket Pass 3, players received the Salty-Topper, which is great for beating another player in competitive games.

3 Store know where

Camp knows where Topper is on a car in Rocket League

The very first special event to ever take place in Rocket League is the Haunted Hallows event. This event takes place every year around Halloween. In 2019, Rocket League hosted their first crossover event with the Haunted Hallows event featuring Stranger Things.

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In this event, players could earn Candy Corn to purchase items. One of those items was Dustin’s hat from Stranger Things, which read “Camp Know Where” in reference to the summer camp he attended. This item is no longer available outside of player trade.

2 Lofi Girl Cat

the Lofi Girl Cat Topper in Rocket League

After Haunted Hallows was the first special event in Rocket League, Frosty Fest soon followed, becoming the second special event in the game. In 2022, Frosty Fest featured a pleasantly surprising collaboration with the famous Lofi Girl, as seen on YouTube.

One of the toppers that could be unlocked during Frosty Fest 2022 was the Lofi Girl Cat. This adorable topper featured the sleeping Lofi girl orange tabby. To unlock it, players had to score and win in 2 snow day challenges.

1 Gold Cap (Alpha)

the alpha gold cap topper in Rocket League

There are many toppers in Rocket League, and the rarest topper is of course the White Hat. But it wouldn’t be fair to get the best number one spot since the spot belongs to the gold cap. The Gold Cap is arguably more conspicuous than the White Cap, and the item is almost as rare!

To get the Gold Cap, players would have had to play the vaguely Alpha version of Rocket League, which was only available for a limited time in 2014! Obviously the topper is no longer available and players may have to spend more than $1000 to get one from another player.

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