Roblox Erases Ready Player Two Shirt

Roblox is dropping the Ready Player Two cosmetic item that players could unlock by completing in-game challenges during a popular event in 2021.

Roblox Corporation apparently deleted them Ready, Player Two shirt clean Roblox. the Ready, Player Two shirt references a 2020 book of the same name since it was added Roblox Customization options, but it’s mysteriously disappeared despite fairly wide acclaim.

A Reddit user was among those who attended Roblox Fans point out the unfortunate reality that the Ready, Player Two T-Shirt is no longer available in-game, leaving all players who have unlocked it with a potential clothing option. the Ready, Player Two Roblox Event took place between November 2020 and December 2021 Roblox T-Shirt, which players could outfit their characters with, was among the cosmetics players could earn during the limited-time celebration.


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Reddit user Disastrous-Scheme-57 recently shared a screenshot of it Roblox Catalog of items showing Ready Player Two’s shirt adorning one of the blank characters, with two notifications that the content has been deleted. because Roblox Fans have been following the deletion of this event kit up until a few months ago, it’s likely that Disastrous-Scheme-57’s post highlights that it may not return. The image of Disastrous Scheme 57 also underscores that the Roblox Ready Player Two kit option had accumulated 43,300 favorites which could indicate how many players are left without one of their optimal tops.

Roblox official Ready Player Two shirt content has been deleted by Roblox

While there have been no announcements or teasers, there have been some Roblox Fans are awaiting confirmation of a film adaptation of the sequel Ready player one, using this in-game change as potential evidence. Much like Ernest Cline’s pop culture novels, Roblox Fans followed the clues throughout the game ready player Events to acquire unique items which they can then use to explore other worlds. Because the Ready, Player Two Roblox shirt remains in the catalogue, it is currently unclear if that Ready, Player Two The shirt was removed due to copyright issues, a potential error related to the item, or something else entirely.

With how many customization options are there in Robloxit is likely that most Ready, Player Two Shirt owners have something different to accessorize to express themselves. Roblox regularly holds events where players can also unlock new items by completing various activities, which may help fans who lost that Ready, Player Two shirt fill the gap.

Roblox is now available for Mac, mobile, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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