Roblox Captive Codes for February 2023: Free Rewards

Roblox Captive is an exciting game where players compete and cooperate to achieve their goals in an exciting environment. The game is perfect for groups of friends or even strangers to challenge each other in an intense game of hide and seek.

In Captive, players are either a beast or a prisoner. The beast aims to hunt down the prisoners and prevent them from escaping. Meanwhile, the captives’ goal is to find an escape route before they are caught by the beast.

Here is a list of all currently valid, working, and functional captive code. Players can use these codes to get free money. With this money, they can buy crates that allow them to easily acquire skills and new weapons. This article will be updated with recently released and deprecated codes. So read on to get the in-game rewards.

Redeem these Roblox Captive Codes to get free rewards in February 2023

Roblox Captive: Active Code List

Find the latest working codes for Captive here. These can be exchanged for perks that will help you advance in the game. Make sure to use the codes as soon as possible as they expire after a set time.

  • redriptide – Use this code to get a reward

Roblox Captive: Inactive Code List

All codes for Roblox Captive that we know have expired are included in this list. As the rewards are no longer available, do not attempt to redeem them.

  • KREW – Use this code to get free cash
  • GHOSTLY – Use this code to get a free bonus
  • mullet – Use this code to get 500 cash
  • MULLETMAFIA – Use this code to get 100 cash
  • splendid – Use this code to get 2,000 cash
  • ICY – Use this code to get 1,000 cash
  • MOOD – Use this code to get 200 cash
  • discord – Use this code to get 500 cash
  • stages – Use this code to get 500 cash
  • BUNDLE UP – Use this code to get 50 cash
  • snow day – Use this code to get 100 cash
  • release – Use this code to get 100 cash
  • CHRISTMAS – Use this code to get 50 cash

The procedure for using active codes in Roblox Captive

By following these simple procedures, users will be able to use all codes in Roblox Captive.

  • Locate the light blue Twitter icon on the side of the screen when you first launch the game.
  • If you click on it, a code entry screen will appear.
  • In the “Enter code here” field, copy and paste one of the codes from our list.
  • You get the reward when you press Enter on your keyboard.

If you enter a Roblox Captive code from the list above and it doesn’t work, check your work first. Since even the smallest error, such as Where, for example, not writing a letter or mistaking a letter for a number, can render a code unusable, we recommend copying and pasting codes directly from our guides. It may have expired if you tried to copy and paste it and it still doesn’t work.

Gameplay, strategies and more on Roblox Captive

The experience is a mix of strategy and luck as prisoners must use their wits to hack computers and find the right combination of doors and keys to get out. In the meantime, the beast’s job is to patrol the area and capture any prisoners foolish enough to get caught.

Roblox Captive is filled with excitement and anticipation. Although the beast cannot control the captives directly, they must be careful not to reveal their position or the captives may escape. Prisoners must also be careful not to get caught as the beast can easily knock them out.

Players will also be able to customize their captive or beast. Various weapons, clothing, and other items can be equipped to give each player a unique advantage. The game also includes a variety of environments and maps that add to the challenges and variety of the game.


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