Roblox brings Grand Theft Auto to Airland World. It is a new platform for open world games

Airland Studios, a new studio dedicated to empowering modders and wannabe gamers, has launched its sandbox platform for making games. The platform will begin early access players later this year, with an early launch in 2024.

Airland World Creators can use an impressive array of game creation tools to make their dreams come true. You can create games made with LUAU or C++ scripts. Enjoy realistic vehicles including trucks, tanks, planes and helicopters and unlimited access to the water for swimming and parachuting, a variety of operational weapons for the player and the game itself; and games with different game modes (casual, realistic, ultra-realistic) to take advantage of them all. There is also a flexible massive multiplayer mode. You can compete with your players by allowing each other to compete.

The possibilities are endless, so it’s important that these games are fun too. Airland will also have a fully equivalent copy of Earth planet made by artificial intelligence. This stunningly beautiful game was developed in collaboration with WildRealm Inc., the world’s largest simulation team.

As a bonus, Airland World creators can easily share their games with millions of players around the world or monetize their creations in one bid. The platform’s fully-functional server will allow developers to export their games to third-party stores or sell them directly through a dedicated store.


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