Roblox Anime Champions Codes in January 2023: Free Gems and Yen

Roblox Anime Champions game developer OMA Entertainment introduced new codes for the title in January 2023. Players can use them to redeem Gems and Yen.

In Roblox Anime Champions, players can unlock numerous anime characters and weapons. As you complete quests for specific entities, your avatar will level up and gain access to special abilities that will help you progress through the title and become stronger. In addition, you can also climb the leaderboards of the title in this way.

Roblox Anime Champions have cultists and demons hiding around every corner. Your goal is to defeat them and save the world from falling into the wrong hands. You can defeat any enemy once you perfect your breathing techniques. This title allows you to collect and play as you please Demon Hunter, Narutoor Dragon Ball great Anime Characters. To get that out of the way, here are the codes for the January 2023 title.

Roblox Anime Champions active and inactive codes in January 2023

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All active codes for Roblox Anime Champions are listed below:

  • 5kLIKES – 500 Gems (New)
  • CHRISTMAS – 300 Gems (New)
  • 1MVISITS – 1,000 yen (new)
  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH – 500 gems
  • 1KPLAYER – 1,000 yen and 250 gems
  • 500 Likes – for 500 gems
  • RELEASE – 1,000 yen

These are all working codes for Roblox Anime Champions. Unfortunately, some of them expire quickly and may become inactive in 24 hours or less. Therefore, you must redeem them quickly.

You get in-game currencies when you use the provided codes. Gems and Yen will help you level up quickly, and you can also use them to buy new weapons. To keep up to date with new codes for Anime Champions, follow OMA Entertainment on Twitter @RoStudio1 and sign up for the OMA Entertainment Discord Server to receive them.

Expired Codes for Roblox Anime Champions

There are currently no expired codes for Anime Champions.

Redeeming Codes in Anime Champions

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Get free gifts from the above Anime Champions codes after logging into the game on a mobile or a PC. Once you’ve launched the title, you can use the steps listed below to redeem any active code:

Step 1) Sign up for Anime Champions.

Step 2) Click the Codes icon on the left side of the screen.

Step 3) Copy a code from the active list provided earlier.

step 4) Paste it into the in-game text bar.

step 4) Click Claim to claim the reward.

If a code doesn’t work, try closing and reopening the game. You will be placed on a new server that may contain an updated version of the game. Since typos are not uncommon in the redemption process, you should refrain from manually typing codes into the text bar.

Few controls to know

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Learn these inputs to better understand the basic controls in Roblox Anime Champions and level up faster. The basic ones for fighting enemies are listed below:

1) 1 button – Press to use primary ability

2) 2 button – Press to use the secondary ability

3) E button – Press to interact with NPCs and portals

4) SPACEBAR – Press to jump

This game has the best characters from your favorite anime series and the codes can help you level them up faster.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh


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